Creative Ways To Transform Your Attic To Attract Cash Buyers

Are you a new homeowner with plans to sell your house in the future? If you are, then it is the right time to consider which part of your house you should improve. You might have thought of improving your kitchen space and bathroom since these parts of the house are the first thing buyers tend to check out first.

But did you know that improving and transforming your attics adds impressive value to your home? Continue reading the article and learn how transforming your attic can be a good idea to sell your home fast. Also, discover creative ways to revamp the look of your attic that will surely capture buyers’ attention.

Remodeling is the best

The attic is known to be the least attended space in a house. It is usually used as a stockroom. And unfortunately, it correlates to words such as cramped, dark, and dusty. That is why attic spaces are so underrated because of this concept. But did you know that an attic holds so much potential in increasing the value of your home?
Remodeling is the best

According to the Nationwide Building Society, it is discovered that the conversion of an attic space can increase your home value by up to 20%. Though the remodeling of attic space into a bedroom will cost you around $75,000, you will earn 53% of the cost at resale.

Moreover, many buyers would pay cash for houses, especially niche buyers. Though it is known that selling a home is not an easy feat, you need to be diligent in looking and researching for your target buyers. Good thing, niche buyers exist!

Niche buyers are the type of home buyers that are highly interested in a specific factor of the house. Some niche buyers purchase a home because they like the grand living room space or loved the idea of having a wide patio. Target this type of buyer and promote how you have converted your attic from a dusty and cramped space to an elegant bedroom or office.

Transformation Ideas

Attics are known to have an awkward floor since it is built to fill the space between the top floor and a slanted roof, this resulted in attics having a smaller floor space with exposed rafters. But thanks to innovation in construction, attics have the chance to be transformed into a whole new living space.

Here are some of the creative ways to revamp your attic:

Turn your attic as an extra bedroom.

This transformation is by far the most popular when it comes to remodeling an attic. Since everyone wants an extra living space, converting an attic to an extra bedroom is considered as the best idea. Some homeowners convert this small space into a kid’s room and design it with vibrant and light colors.
Turn your attic as an extra bedroom.
But make sure to choose light colors to decorate and paint the walls of your attic bedroom. Since attic spaces receive a small amount of natural light, it is good to keep light hues to make the room larger and brighter. Also, adding an accent wall can do magic as well. They can bring out liveliness and an excellent way to introduce a new element.

Convert to an office room.

Another way to convert your attic is to make it into your new office room. Attic does have small space, but when converted the right way, it will give you enough floor space to roam around and place furniture that fits just right. Turn your dusty and old attic to a white-walled Scandinavian-inspired office space.

A lot of attic transformations get their design inspiration from Scandinavian designs. It is showcased with light and bright white painted walls accented with bold color furniture.

Furthermore, an attic can be an excellent place to set up your art studio. It is small, silent, and near to glass windows- a perfect place to get a peek of the outdoors. It can also be transformed into a library lounge for bookworms who love to finish their favorite novel.

You can take advantage of attics’ awkward spaces and corners to build your bookshelves. It is a great way to venture into a new architectural design you haven’t tried in your other rooms.

Tip: Since attic has limits when it comes to natural light, you can take advantage of using it in the daytime by positioning your work tables directly where the light hits. Just make sure to install window blinds if the light is too glaring for you.

Leisure Space

Everybody has a thing for something. Some are fond of reading books, writing, and arts. While others love to do yoga, meditation, and take care and collect indoor plants. You can turn your attic space to fit your hobbies.

A serene place to meditate

If you love to do yoga and meditation, you can turn your attic space into a spa-like environment by choosing earth colors. Since original floors of an attic are not soundproof and noise can be disturbing, changing the floors is the best solution. Use either from laminated, vinyl, or linoleum floors over an underlayment of wood. This will make your attic space soundproof.
A serene place to meditate

Turn it into a plant haven

You can also turn your attic space into a plant haven. Placing your collection of succulents and cactus in your attic is a good idea, especially attics have an access for natural light to come inside the room.

You can take advantage of the natural light limitation of the attic, especially in growing pot based plants like succulents and cactus. They require enough sunlight, but placing them directly can turn them into yellow, which is not desirable. Placing them in the attic with a skylight window is a perfect choice to grow them.


Attic space is often disregarded as part of a house. It is often overlooked or treated as an extra storage room for unnecessary or worn-out stuff. But the truth is, when attic space is remodeled they possess a significant factor in adding value to your property. Nevertheless, transforming your attic space into a new and bright space can attract many cash buyers. You can make the most out of your attic and use it on your advantage.

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