Creating an Appropriate House Cleaning Schedule

Keeping a clean home is one of the most important things that you can ever end up doing because it will ensure a sufficient amount of hygiene that can preserve your good health. Failing to clean your house as much as it needs to be cleaned can result in a lot of illnesses, and it can weigh on your mind as well to a certain extent which would have a negative impact on your mental health. To top it all off, an unclean home might make you feel rather embarrassed if you have people over, so suffice it to say that this is something that should be topmost on your current list of priorities.

If you feel overwhelmed by the prospect of cleaning your home, perhaps due to the reason that you haven’t cleaned up in a good long while, the best thing to do is to simplify the tasks in whatever way you can. One good tactic to use in this regard would be to create some kind of a schedule that you can try your best to stick to. Breaking the task up into smaller tasks can make the whole thing seem more manageable as well.

There are a number of situations wherein cleaning house on your own would be a more or less impossible task. In situations like this, it would be far better for you to just visit the website of a cleaning service and have them take care of things for you. That said, you need to learn how to be independent as well, and a big part of this would involve the aforementioned cleaning schedule that we are suggesting you should make. Focusing on a task breakdown will be the first step that you can take while drafting some sort of schedule.

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Certain cleaning tasks will need to be performed on a daily basis in a few circumstances. For example, if you have a tiled or wooden floor, you will need to sweep these floors once a day if you truly want them to be clean. Mopping the surfaces should be something that you do on a weekly basis, although you can do it more frequently if you like. Wiping up stains as soon as they occur can help make it so that you would need to use a mop somewhat less frequently which can reduce the number of things that you would be worried about.

Sweeping is simple enough since it would require little more than a broom, but mopping is something that you would ideally want to pay a bit more attention to. Mopping your floors with just water is not going to be nearly enough, so you should try adding some kind of cleaning fluid to the mix as well. The ideal cleaning chemical that you can use would have some kind of anti bacterial properties as well as a fragrance to keep your home smelling really fresh at all times.

After the mopping process, you might want to use a microfiber cloth. This would help remove the streaks that can often come with the mopping process which would look really terrible on your floor. This sort of thing is especially important if you have glossy floors, since they tend to acquire streaks a lot more readily and getting rid of them can help make these floors look absolutely spotless. They will get a gleam to them that would be quite remarkable, and this is the very thing that makes having these kinds of tiles worth it in the first place.

Things would be rather different when it comes to carpeted floors, however. For one thing, you probably wouldn’t want to use a brush since this would rip the carpet fibers from their bedding. A vacuum cleaner would be a lot more effective here, and most people would agree that daily vacuuming is not altogether necessary. Vacuuming every alternate day might be more impactful as it would get the requisite amount of cleaning done without burdening you with this labor intensive task to the extent where you would no longer have the energy to do it successfully.

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If you own a pet, however, vacuuming daily becomes an even more essential part of your home cleaning routine. Pets tend to shed a lot of fur and this can often get caught in the carpet fibers, so cleaning them thoroughly is essential otherwise a lot of this fur will become to thoroughly intertwined into these fibers to ever come out. You should also use a carpet brush in these situations about once a week, doing so will get rid of some of the finer hairs that might have otherwise been difficult to remove.

There are a lot of other tasks that you would need to take care of too, of course. Washing dishes is probably something that you should do every day otherwise they will pile up and you will never be able to get them clean. You also need to change your bedding about once a week so that you can avoid skin rashes and the like.

As you can see, plenty of tasks that need to be taken care of only need to be thought about once a week. Hence, you can assign specific days for these tasks and get them done accordingly. The key here is to prevent yourself from getting overwhelmed as this is a big part of the reason why so many people struggle to keep their house clean. You can split the work up by room as well, taking care of one room a day or alternatively handling one whole floor if you live in a multi-story dwelling.

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