Common Garage Door Problems and Their Solutions


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A little maintenance and troubleshooting of garage doors can increase its functionality and life. The annual maintenance and timely repair are necessary for a garage door. However, you can’t always deal with a Garage Door Repair. Some issues need professional assistance. With regular maintenance, it will be easy for you to identify an issue and fix it immediately. In this way, you can decrease the chances of damage to your garage door. Here are some common problems with garage doors that need your immediate attention.

Problem with Garage Door Opener

To avoid major issues, make sure to hire professionals for Garage Door Installation. Pay attention to the minor problems of your garage door. It is necessary for the maintenance of the garage door. Drive-screw or chain-operated garage door openers may need lubrication frequently to decrease friction. Your garage door needs the right amount of silicone-based lubricant or spray lube. Make sure to wipe off extra lubricant.
Problem with Garage Door Opener

Squeaky sections, shabby parts, and loose hardware are common problems. You can solve these issues with lubrication. To stop unusual noises from a garage door, you have to lubricate the squeaky part directly. Cracks are common in wood garage doors. For wooden doors, you will need a sealant or waterproof filler to caulk any crack.

Select a weather sealant for a garage door to keep water away, decrease street nose and seal air leaks.

Make sure to replace a broken sealant with a new one. Sealants are easily available at local stores.

Garage Door Closes/Open Immediately

A faulty spring can affect the movements of a garage door. If your garage door opens slightly and then closes immediately, you can to replace the top spring of door. Check the door for broken springs to replace them. To save money, try to replace all springs simultaneously. Replacing broken spring separately can be expensive for you.
Garage Door Closes Open Immediately
If your door closes and then opens immediately, you have to check the alignment of the photo-eye of a garage door. Photo-eyes are tiny devices made of plastic. These are located on the door to enhance its safety. To examine the performance of photo-eyes, check the flashing green light on this device. Remove debris and other obstructions of photo-eyes to improve its performance.

Adjust the alignment of photo-eyes by taking measurements from the group to the middle of a photo-eye. For other photo-eye, you will take measures from the wall to the middle of this device. Feel free to hire professionals to resolve this issue. If your door is not sealing properly, it needs pipe insulation that is available at hardware stores.

Broken Remote

Mechanical issues are common with a garage door. If the remove is not working correctly, replace its batteries. Sometimes, you can get a solution to this issue in the manual. With the help of a manual, you can easily reprogram a remote.
Broken Remote
If you are noticing issues in garage door opener or operator, you have to check the photo-eyes to resolve this issue. Check the light on photo-eyes and move to the breaker panel. Try to fix the breaker to resolve this issue. Moreover, check the plug of door opener in power supply. Test electrical outlets with different devices to ensure if it is working.

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