Coloured Radiators: The Next Big Interior Trend

When it comes to decorating our homes, most of us think about painting the walls, getting new furniture, buying a new sofa and generally updating the things that need some love.

We don’t usually consider the radiators and just see them as functional heat boxes to help us get through the winter. And you would be forgiven for thinking that if you are talking about the uninspiring, off-white convectors that look better hidden behind a radiator cover.

But the world of boring radiators with limited design options is long gone and the next big interior trend of brightly coloured designer radiators is here to take over!

Which Radiator Colours Are Available?

Part of what makes decorating our home so enjoyable is the process of bringing more of our personal style into our decor.

Whether you are drawn to bright interiors full of colour, grand period style properties, or minimalist Nordic inspired spaces, your home is a reflection of you down to every last detail.

And since we have radiators in every room, they are another opportunity to add more of the style you love throughout your home and more value to your property if the time comes to sell.

But, which colours are available and how can we incorporate these new finishes into our home decor?

Bright Rainbow Radiators

Bright Rainbow Radiators

Taking inspiration from the entire colour spectrum, designer radiators are now available in multiple rainbow finishes designed to suit any colour scheme and interior enthusiasts across the country are using colour to turn their home heating into home decor more than ever.

From brightening up a hallway, to creating a cosy kid’s room, or contemporary loft apartment feel, a bold coloured radiator takes your interior design scheme up a notch and adds a fun, modern look to any home.

Whether you want to go for a contrasting colour to make a statement feature with your radiator, or choose a similar shade to blend seamlessly into the wall, the new coloured radiator palette creates the option for both and they are equally as effective at creating a beautiful talking point.

Beautiful Metallic Columns

Beautiful Metallic Columns
Metallic column radiators have become a huge favourite in 2020 and they are changing the way many people think about heating from just a functional part of their home to a decorative feature too.

In fact, many home owners didn’t even consider updating their radiators during their renovation until they discovered the beautiful metallic gold, silver, copper and bronze options.

The reason being is that the metallics are perfect for creating a coordinated scheme by matching other metal accents and accessories from kitchen handles to bathroom brassware.

These beautiful, sophisticated finishes complement the classic columns of the traditional style radiators, creating an opulent feature that works for the modern home.

Calming Pastels

Colour is not only a key aspect of the way an interior design scheme looks, but different shades are also influential on the mood a space evokes.
Calming Pastels
Pastels are popular in playrooms because of their calming quality, but these soft shades also work beautifully in modern living spaces to help create a quiet escape away from our chaotic work places.

Introducing a calm pastel radiator is the perfect way to create a statement feature without disrupting the scheme or drawing too much attention away from your other key pieces.

Modern Monochrome

Simple, Scandinavian inspired spaces have been incredibly influential in the interior design world for many years. With neutral colour schemes and considered design that carefully combines form and function, a calm coloured radiator with simple clean lines is a must have.

But, that doesn’t mean that the radiator options stop at white. Matt black, light grey and even neutral beige designer radiators are now available. So you can still create an interesting design feature out of a monochrome radiator to suit your dream Scandi style home.

2020 Interior Design Trends

So now we have explored the spectrum of new coloured radiators, how do they fit into the interior design trends of 2020? Let’s take a look at some of the key trends we expect to see this year and how we can use them to inspire our decorative home heating choices.

Pantone Colour Of The Year – Classic Blue

Pantone Colour Of The Year – Classic Blue
What better to kick off the next big colour trends than the colour of the year? Pantone’s Classic Blue is a beautiful cobalt blue ‘brings a sense of peace and tranquility to the human spirit’.

Despite falling on the cooler end of the spectrum, this particular shade of blue provides a richness and warmth which makes the perfect backdrop for the fine metallic radiator finishes.

Dulux Colour of the Year 2020: Tranquil Dawn

From one colour of the year to another, Dulux Tranquil Dawn is a soft, versatile green that works really well with other calm neutrals and greys. There’s not much not to love about this serene shade and as its name suggests it is perfect for instilling a sense of tranquility into our homes.
Dulux Colour of the Year 2020 Tranquil Dawn
Why not install a soft green radiator onto a Tranquil Dawn feature wall to allow the colour to flow freely, or pair the tone with candy pink or light grey radiator to create different areas of interest.

Layering Old And New

The wall that separated modern and traditional interiors is a thing of the past. In 2020, we will be embracing the mixture and character of both styles and the same can be said for your choice of radiators.

A modern, flat panel designer radiator in a beautiful navy finish would make an exciting statement feature in a period property. Similarly, a metallic column radiator would add character to a modern new build.

Playing with colour and design combinations from different time periods is not only bang on trend, but it’s also a great way to trust your own style and add more of what you love to your home without worrying about what is considered to typically go together.
Layering Old And New

Pink Pink Pink

Pink bathrooms, bedrooms, doors, you name it, started popping up all over the social media interior world last year and they won’t be going anywhere fast! The great news is, the perfect pink radiators are now here to join them.

Blush pinks, pastels and muted tones turn what used to be a colour associated with young interiors into modern adult colour schemes. A pretty pink radiator will make a beautiful feature on top of a pink backdrop, but gold accents and matt blacks are also very popular in pink kitchens and bathrooms, making metallic and monochrome radiators a great option too.
Pink Pink Pink
The next time you are planning a full renovation project, or a quick colour refresh, remember to consider how a coloured radiator could enhance the entire look and feel of the scheme and help you to have fun with your interiors.

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