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Choosing the Right Water Heater for Your Residence

The water heater is a fundamental device in the homes of many taxpayers who prefer this type of choice for domestic heating thanks to the low price of the appliance at the time of purchase compared to a boiler.

The choice of this type of system is really fundamental, in fact there are really voracious water heaters, so you need to pay close attention before making a rash purchase that could become really harmful for the budget. In that case you should read this water heater buying guide to understand the market before you make a purchase.

There is no way to take a hot bath, and what better if you just open the faucets and regulate the temperature. This action is so everyday that perhaps because of that, we forget the key role of water heaters or boilers, which make your life more comfortable. If you are interested in changing your heater and don’t know where to start, the following information will be very helpful.

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Heater or tank boiler –

Heater or tank boiler

This type of boiler is characterized by having an internal tank in which water is stored. There it heats up to the temperature selected in the thermostat, point in which it is turned off automatically. When the water in the tank is cooled or used, the process is repeated.

To choose a heater of this type you must consider the number of people who live in the house or the number of simultaneous services, this in order to buy the right size for your needs. The number of services is measured in the following way:

2 services 1 service service

Use of washing machine or tub bath Shower bath Washbasin

The following table will help you as a guide to determine the size according to the characteristics of use.

Tank Heater Sizes –

Number of persons Number of services Litres
1 From 1 to 3 From 20 to 100
1 to 2 4 101 to 130
3 5 From 131 to 150
4 6 From 151 to 200
5 or more More than 6 More than 200

Another element to consider in this type of heaters is the recovery time, that is, the amount of liters that the boiler heats per minute. For example, a 200-litre boiler may take 35 to 50 minutes to heat its tank, but how quickly it does so depends on the model or make of the appliance.

If your demand for hot water is constant, we recommend that you purchase a heater with the shortest possible recovery time. You can request this information directly from the supplier or consult the manufacturer’s website like RMS Hot water systems for more choices.

Finally, consider where it will be placed, as a domestic heater can range in height from 50 to 170 cm.

Tank boilers run on either electricity or gas. Electric boilers are recommended for indoor use because they do not emit pollutants, while LPG or natural gas boilers should always be used outdoors.

To give you an idea of the price of some heaters, Profeco’s Directorate General for Consumer Studies (DGEC) carried out a survey from 2 to 20 October 2006. The following table shows the prices for this type of boilers.

Quick recovery step heaters –

Quick recovery step heaters –
The operation of this type of boiler is similar to that of a tank, the difference being that the cold water enters through previously hot tubes and when it reaches the tank, which is smaller than that of the previous heaters, it takes less time to heat. Thus, the supply of hot water is constant.

In this type of devices the heating capacity is measured in liters per minute (l/min), which depends on water pressure, so some brands have two references: sea level and Mexico City.

If you find only one reference when looking for your heater, it refers to sea level, if you live in Mexico City you must subtract 1 or 2 numbers to get the correct capacity.

To choose a fast recovery heater you must take into account the number of simultaneous services, as shown below.

To choose a fast recovery heater you must take into account the number of simultaneous services, as shown below.

Quick Recovery Step Heaters Heating Capacity –

Number of services Capacity (l/min.)
1 Less than 8
1 1/2 From 9 to 10
2 From 11 to 15
2 1/2 16 to 20
3 From 21 to 25

This type of heater is smaller than the tank, its height ranges from 45 to 122 cm. high and works with LP or natural gas.

Instantaneous flow heater –

Instantaneous flow heater
The latter is characterized by having no tank, heating is done during the cold water journey in the coil (internal pipe).

The choice of the capacity of the appliance also depends on the number of simultaneous services so the reference table is the previous one. These heaters also use LP gas or natural gas, although some brands have models that can be used indoors.

The advantages of this type of boiler compared to the previous ones are:

As with the fast recovery boiler, hot water is obtained without limits and without waiting time.

Savings of gas, since it works only when requesting hot water, in addition it does not use pilots. According to some manufacturers the savings in gas goes from 40 to 70%.

It saves space because they measure from 50 to 80 cm. Look the bathroom space heaters best ones for your bathroom.

The disadvantage is that the water pressure must be constant, this can be affected by the water supply of local companies or by the type of construction, especially buildings, so it is necessary to install a pump.

Generally, in the stores or hardware stores that offer heaters there are personnel who determine the installation of this pump, or you can call the customer service of the manufacturer to send a technician to your home.

The choice of a heater depends on your family’s demand for hot water, but you should also consider factors such as where it will be installed or energy savings.

An instant electric water heater is perfect for a point of water that is isolated from the rest of the system.

If not, choose a storage water heater with the right capacity for your needs and with the shape suitable for the room where it will be installed. A good quality electric water heater will last longer and will save you electricity.

Check carefully the installation possibilities and the characteristics of floors and walls.

It takes care of the installation in full compliance with the regulations , in particular regarding the choice of the safety group and the installation of the temperature limiter.

Do not neglect maintenance in order to maintain performance and increase longevity.

If the production of domestic hot water with an electric water heater does not satisfy you, try comparing electric water heaters with solar water heaters and gas water heater .

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