Best Places to Find Pool Covers in Perth

Having a swimming pool in your compound is a dream for many. It is highly desired because swimming is generally considered the best way to exercise. It can help you lose weight and tone your body without straining because you swim at your own pace. Swimming can also make you more flexible as well as help improve your mental wellbeing. Many people view swimming as a way to relax after a long day. Moreover, it helps relieve symptoms of asthma since you increase your lung capacity when swimming. Pregnant women also benefit from regular swimming as it strengthens the heart by making it more efficient at pumping blood.

Despite all these advantages, taking care of a swimming pool can be a challenging task. Leaves from trees fall in the water, dust is blown in the direction of the pool, and debris can also find its way to the pool. Hiring someone to clean the pool can be an expensive affair. So, what do you do if you want a pool without incurring monthly charges?

You buy a pool cover. It is that simple. Here are the sellers of the best pool cover in Perth:

1.Elite Pool Covers

Elite Pool Covers

Established in 1989, this company is known for having a diverse set of pool covers. You will find solar blankets, mesh covers, above ground rollers, auto rollers, and custom designs at Elite. They also have automatic and semi-automatic pool cover systems to protect your pool from the harsh Australian climate. In case you are not familiar with pool covers, they will advise you on the best cover to choose depending on your pool.

2.Remco Pool Covers

Remco Pool Covers
Thirty years of industry experience and an excellent reputation in Australia places this company at the top of the apex. They care about the aesthetic appeal of your compound and will thus make covers that blend in seamlessly with the surroundings. They have automatic, manual, and thermal pool covers. The covers also come in a variety of colors.

3.Just Covers

Just Covers
This company has gone to great lengths to provide you with as much information as possible on their website. There are photos along the details about the pool covers. They have an extensive array of covers, even for keeping ducks out of your pool. You will not have any problem finding the cover that you want. Their unique offer is their DIY self-measure cover if you are on a budget. They make sure to send you measuring and installation procedures.

4.My Perfect Pool

My Perfect Pool
This company has solar, thermal, automated, winter, and hidden pool covers. They detail the pros and cons on their website for those who are not pool cover experts. The choice is ultimately left to you; no one tries to influence your decision. This is fantastic as you know your pool better. They are a great choice because they also have other pool products.


Reducing the costs of having a pool in your compound is relatively easy. There is no need to make unnecessary trips to the store to find chemicals to use on the pool. The only thing you need is a pool cover.

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