Choosing Digital Printing Technology to Transform Interior Design

Do you still find that good wallpaper can really make a room pop? Well, neither do we. However, the rise of digital printing technology in interior design may just make wallpapers cool again. With digital printing, you can have unprecedented control over how your interior space looks like. Here are just some of the ways that you can customize and personalize your interior design through digital printing:

Wallpapers and wall art

Wallpapers and wall art

With paper being the most basic medium for ink, large-format digital printing means that you can now design and create your very own wallpaper. Far from the cheesy patterns that you used to turn your nose up at, the design freedom of digitally printed wallpaper means that you can make it as hip and stylish as you want it to be.

Still find repeating patterns on your wall a bit too old-fashioned? How about a city skyline or a custom piece of art? With digital printing, you can come up with any sort of wall decal that is sure to be the center of attention in any room. The best part about wall decals is that you can simply remove and update them when you want a fresh look.


Digital printing isn’t just for paper. Modern printers can create designs across a wide range of materials, including linens and textiles. If you’ve always wanted to update the upholstery of a couch that has been around for several years, then it’s as simple as picking a design. You can even make custom matching beddings and pillows. How about a rug that matches your curtains?

Digital printing makes all these design elements possible without having to spend a fortune or making do with the textile patterns available on the market. Now, you can make your interior space look exactly the way you want it.


Personalized interior design doesn’t have to be limited to your home. If you have an office space with large glass walls and windows, you can give them a streak of personality with some UV-curable digital printing technology. These are much easier to make than glass decals, not to mention more scratch and water-resistant.

Digital printing on glass is great for adding some flair to your boring office lobby or meeting rooms. If your store has a glass front door, adorning it with a unique and eye-catching design can bring in more business.


Hand-painted tiles are an impressive art form, but not everybody can afford the time and cost of having someone customize a whole kitchen or bathroom by hand. With digital printing, you can order customized tiles on demand as it’s even possible to print on ceramic tiles directly.
This is a unique opportunity to make your kitchen dreams come true. How about a bathroom with a nice, relaxing mural that spans across several tiles? That’s certainly a possibility. The best thing about digital printing is that you don’t even need to order in bulk – a low-volume order virtually costs the same per piece as a high-volume one.

Sustainable ink options

Sustainable ink options
While the interior design industry is being revolutionized by digital printing, the digital printing industry as a whole is also undergoing a revolution of its own – the search for sustainable printing options. An important aspect of this advocacy has involved coming up with an alternative to traditional ink that comes from more sustainable sources, produces less emissions, and is generally more friendly to the environment.

On this front, latex ink is the new kid on the block. Being a water-based ink, it lessens the printing industry’s dependence on petroleum-based solvents. It also reduces the emission of VOCs and other toxic compounds, which could be problematic if used in indoor spaces. For digital printing of interior designs components, we fully expect latex ink to become a standard material in the near future.

Who wouldn’t want to go home to a place that they could proudly call their own – even down to the wallpaper patterns and the tile designs on the bathroom? Homeowners and apartment dwellers nowadays are becoming more discerning and the interior design industry, equipped with digital printing technology, certainly seems up to the challenge. Virtually any type of surface can be decorated using digital printing techniques – because nowadays, creativity is literally the only limit.

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