10 Ideas For Making a Small Space Appear Larger

There are excellent ways to optimize a small space where interior design is concerned. You don’t have to feel that you have to compromise on style when you have a small home. You can still create a living environment, which is simplistic, calm, and efficient with incorporating these design ideas.

1. Mirrors

A simple way of creating the illusion of a larger space is by incorporating mirrors, particularly when place directly across a window. Large round retro style mirrors can make an audacious statement in a hallway.

2. Lightening Up The Rooms

The darker your walls, the more claustrophobic the space will feel. That is why so many homeowners opt for white paint because it makes space appear more prominent. Kitchen areas can look spacious and bright. With a lack of window treatments, it can provide maximum light.

3. Furniture That Has Legs

Furniture with space underneath can also assist with making the room look larger, so instead, buy pieces with legs rather than bulky furniture. Slim line mid-century style sofas look great when placed centrally in a room. Avoid squashing furniture against the wall since it will allow space to look roomier.

4. Custom-Made Furniture

Excellent storage solutions must be your first priority in a small home. If building work is in your budget, you can have furniture and storage tailor-made for your house, so can maximize the space in every available nook or a high ceiling. Bunk beds, for instance, appear to be part of the architecture of your home, while shelving alcoves provide plenty of space to present personal items. Speak with your interior designer to choose your best options.

5. Fold-Out Furniture

Fold-Out Furniture
Furniture that can be stowed away or folded up when they don’t form a paramount feature in a small house can free up space. Wall hung desk features, for instance, doesn’t take up any floor space and is ideal for homeworkers wanting to shut their office at the end of the working day.

6. Glass Coffee Tables

Transparent or glass furniture offers an illusion of airiness since you can see the floor underneath them. Art Deco style terrace tables have useful shelving built-in underneath for storing and presenting coffee table books.

7. Extendable Or Folding Dining Tables

Extendable dining tables offer flexibility in small homes. They can be quickly and easily transformed when you are entertaining.

8. Wall Hung Lamps And Bedside Tables

This discreet bedroom styling idea is perfect for adding more space.

9. Hanging Plants

Hanging Plants
Plants that hang from the ceiling means you can include lush greenery to your space without having to use too much space.

10. Mezzanine

In spaces like hotel rooms, the room has a stylish raised bedroom space. This is an excellent sustainable option for restaurants and hotels.


When you have a small house, you don’t have to feel claustrophobic or that you have to compromise on style and functionality. With these ten great ideas to consider, you can quickly transform your space to suit your needs as well as opening up more space.

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