Choosing A Specialised Cleaning Company For Aged Care Facilities

Healthcare facilities such as old age care facilities and Hospitals will always have a demand for a good cleaning company.
When you are cleaning in a hospital or frail care setting, cleanliness is vital to the overall well-being of the patients, and the way cleaning is carried out will have a profound effect on the institution’s efficiency, standards and patient satisfaction levels.

Cleaning requirements for aged care facilities are unique and require the services of not just any commercial cleaning company, but a company that has the necessary expertise to maintain a very high standard of cleanliness and hygiene in a patient care environment.

5 Key Factors To Consider When Cleaning Aged Care Facilities:

1. Daytime cleaning

Performing cleaning services at an age care facility during day hours calls for heightened alertness for variable elements such as staff members, residents, visitors and objects or equipment that are used by them in that environment. Attention to detail from the cleaner’s part is required due to the increased risk of falling or slipping that can cause potential injuries.
They should be aware of obstructions such as power cords, buckets and other cleaning tools and keep it out of harm’s way while performing their duties.

2. Complying To Industry-Specific Health & Safety Regulations

Cleaning agencies such as Clean Works has the appropriate experience when it comes to fulfilling cleaning needs in an aged care environment. They understand the importance of maintaining the basic requirements of health, hygiene and safety in these establishments. This is a crucial part of health and safety awareness when you are aware of infectious micro-organisms that are transmitted through cross-contamination. Cleaning procedures are explicitly implemented to mitigate the risk of spreading disease or infections. Aged care facilities such as these are subject to unannounced visits and audit to ensure that they comply with the quality of care principles 2014 as per government legislation and making use of the right cleaning company at your disposal is highly beneficial.

3. Working Around Individuals

Cleaners become part of the day-to-day routine of a healthcare facility. As they’ll be coming in contact with residents, aged care staff or visitors on a regular basis, they need to exercise discretion when it comes to residents’privacy, be respectful in their interaction with others and mindful of possible medical assistance that needs to be reported.


4. Personal Protective Equipment

Wearing the appropriate personal protective gear and clothing is essential to adhere to health and safety regulations.
Staff members must be trained in the appropriate use of personal protective gear which includes gloves, gowns and aprons, safety glasses, face masks & shields and safety shoes.

5. Coughing and Illness Etiquette

Most diseases or illnesses are transmitted through coughing or personal contact. It is vital that cleaning staff members communicate to their superiors if they feel unwell or has any known infection. The cleaning company must have adequate staff to cover the absence of sick staff members.

Under no circumstances must a cleaner that feels unwell come to work until they have fully recovered and are fit for work again.

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