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Choosing a Roof Windows for Your Home Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult!

Roof windows (sometimes also called skylights) are available on the market in a variety of types, not to mention different materials and styles. This may be a bit overwhelming, so we decided to ask experts with years of experience for some advice – we chose Fenbro, one of the most renowned sellers of windows and doors on the Irish market. Below you’ll find the answers to the most often asked questions regarding roof windows and some tips on how to select roof windows for your house.

Choosing roof windows – what to consider?

Marcin, Fenbro’s main fitter in Ireland, says that there are three main factors that always should be taken into consideration, namely: aesthetics, functionality and the size of a given room. Quite obviously, when it comes to the aesthetic considerations, you should always choose roof windows that fit the style of the building, but that’s not all. It is also important to carefully plan how exactly all the skylights

 will be placed in the room – it significantly affects both the aesthetics and the amount of natural sunlight coming into that space.

When it comes to the functionality and types of roof windows available on the market, you will find more info on that below. Meanwhile, Marcin has a pro-tip for you regarding the size of skylights and the room: the total surface area of all roof windows in the room should be at least 1/8 of the floor surface in order to provide enough sunlight inside.


What type of roof windows is the best?

According to Marcin, there is no such thing as “the best roof windows for everyone”. Why is it so? That’s simple: every room is different and even if there are identical interiors, the amount of sunlight is always specific to a given area and building. That’s why you shouldn’t look for some non-existent “perfect” roof windows, but rather focus on choosing roof windows that are optimally tailored to your needs, expectations and conditions in the room where you plan to have them installed.

That said, there are several types of roof windows that you can find on the market. Without going into too many technical details, here’s a brief list of the most common types – together with their main features:

  • skylights – these are fixed roof windows that do not open, so they only work as a mean to get more sunlight into the room
  • roof windows – these ones do open (usually with the pivoting mechanism, but there are also the electric ones) and they provide not only sunlight, but also allow fresh air into the room, improving ventilation
  • electric/solar centre pivot windows – they can be considered a subtype of classic roof windows designed to be fitted in the spaces, where there’s a pitched roof and no possibility to reach the handle to open the window
  • balcony windows – another subtype of roof windows: after opening, they transform into a small terrace or balcony, improving not only the ventilation, but also enhancing the view and the comfort of using the room
  • smoke-ventilation roof windows – these are typically used as a safety-increasing solution in the case of a fire: their main function is to extract excessive heat, smoke and toxic gases outside the building


Fenbro – high quality joinery from Poland

Fenbro is a fast-developing company that supplies high quality Polish joinery (windows and doors) to B2B and B2C customers in Ireland and several other European countries. The company’s offer is tailored to the expectations and actual needs of  customers, with the focus on a wide range of products from top Polish joinery brands and professional, complete service – from  products, delivery and installation to guarantee and after-sales support.

If you need more information regarding skylights, roof windows and other top quality joinery products, you should visit the Fenbro website.

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