Care for a Kahrs Wood Flooring?

Among all other flooring materials, wood offers you sustainability, beauty, and versatility— the reasons why Kährs Wood Flooring chooses to work with wooden flooring in Dubai.

Wood can warmth and character with its soft and minimalistic designs while accentuating a more traditional interior. It gives out a different flair to what is already classic. That’s why Kährs wood flooring also aspires to maintain sustainability, beauty, and versatility even at tested times and generations.

Wood flooring takes on an important role in conveying a personalized style and imparting value-added appearance to a home or workplace.

We provide you ways of bringing in the warmth, beauty and value of natural wood flooring into any room and improve the décor. We provide you a timeless piece of nature.

Why choose Kährs Wood Flooring?

Among all the other wooden flooring companies in Dubai, Kährs Wood Flooring is none like the others.

A long, long way back…

Kahrs Wood Flooring

More than 150 years ago, Kährs was founded as family business in the small town of Nybro in southern Sweden. Kährs is the oldest wood floor manufacturer in the world with a history dating back to 1857. Like wood, we get finer with age, with our most innovative development of the modern parquet floor.

We know innovation

In 1999, Kährs was the first to introduce a mechanical “glueless” joint system – the ingenious Woodloc® system which has become revolutionary in the world of wood flooring market. In 1941, Kährs wood flooring was granted a patent for its multi-layer construction – hailing the world’s first engineered wood floor. Kährs constantly puts a lot of effort on the research into finding surface treatments that can withstand daily wear and tear, but thin enough to emphasize the natural beauty of the wood.

Thriving in variety, growing in luxury

Kahrs Wood Flooring
There’s always a Kährs wood flooring that will best enhance your space no matter its size or style. Wooden flooring in Dubai offers great variety of colours and species, sizes, patterns and finishes to choose from. Kährs provides several options for your wood flooring in Dubai. The silk matt lacquer makes a smooth surface and the matt lacquer make it seem untreated, while the oil gives the floor a wonderfully natural feeling.

Each of Kährs plank is unique and individually treated, may it be rushed, handscraped, bevelled, silky smooth or matt. This wooden flooring in Dubai features a unique composition of knots and graining.

Like a beauty queen

Kahrs Wood Flooring
We are consciously aware of the environment as we are conscious of the beauty of our wood flooring in Dubai. The multi-layer construction of Kährs wood flooring means efficiently utilising raw material. No plant in Nybro goes to waste. Log parts that do not pass our quality test become biofuel that heats up the production facilities.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Kährs wood flooring has been of high quality for more than 60 years — floors that have been perfected over the years. In line with, we can offer more extensive guarantees than any other wood flooring in Dubai. With a complete care and maintenance program, Kährs offers a guarantee of up to 30 years that takes your wood flooring experience like no other.

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