13 Ways to Make Your House Stay Clean Longer

Nobody has the time or energy to clean the house more than once a day. You should use these tips to keep your house cleaner for longer:

Leave the Dining Table Set

Dining Table Set

If you do not leave your dining table set, your kids will treat it as a dumping ground for their book bags and schoolwork, which belong in their rooms. When you set the table, it gives the perception of a cleaner house, and everyone will be mindful of messing it up.

Place Rugs on the Carpet

Place Rugs on the Carpet
The carpet tends to get dirtier in high-traffic areas. To avoid this, you should layer it with runners and decorative throw rugs, which are easier to clean and vacuum. When you use rugs, instead of calling carpet cleaners once a month, you will only have to do it once per season.

Don’t Store Your Cleaning Supplies Together

Cleaning Supplies Together
You should place cleaning supplies in different areas of the house to make it easier to wipe down dirty surfaces, since cleaning supplies can cause the indoor air of your house to have its particles in it (Source: Veranda Interiors). When you store cleaning supplies where you need them, you will clean more often and reduce the frequency of deep cleans that you have to do.

Seal the Garage Floor

Seal the Garage Floor
If your cement garage floor has fine dust that people track into the house, you should consider sealing it. All you have to do is buy floor paint. You will not believe how much less dust your house will have.

Place Doormats at Each Entrance

Doormats at Each Entrance
Place a mat on the inside and outside of the back and front doors. This method works wonders, as it prevents people from tracking dirt indoors.

Don’t Take Downstairs Stuff Upstairs

If your kids are always leaving upstairs things downstairs, you should make a habit of taking them back whenever you go up the stairs. Do the same for downstairs stuff that you find upstairs to keep yourself from doing bigger cleanups.

Clean Baseboards with Dryer Sheets

Clean Baseboards with Dryer Sheets
If you want a dust-free house, you should use dryer sheets to clean the baseboards. Just use a Swiffer sweeper and attach the sheets to it then run it over your baseboards at least once weekly. The dryer sheet coating repels dust, which keeps your baseboards cleaner for longer.

Buy a Compact Stick Vacuum

Compact Stick Vacuum
Thanks to the proper vacuum selection in the market, you can always find the best cleaner for your needs. If you do not want to keep dragging a heavy vacuum out of the closet daily, you should buy a compact stick vacuum, which works just as well with minimal effort.

Brush Your Dog Regularly

Brush Your Dog
To avoid regular sweeping and vacuuming, you should brush your dog outside the house every other day. Doing so will cause your dog to shed less inside the house and keep the house cleaner.

Remind Your Kids to Wash Their Hands after Eating

Kids to Wash Their Hands after Eating
If you do not want to spend most of your time cleaning dirty finger marks from your furniture and walls, you should remind your children to wash their hands after they finish snacking. You should also tell them to avoid touching anything before they clean up.

Do a Daily Power Clean

You and your children can do a short ten-minute power clean and turn it into a game. Start by setting the timer then put on some dance music before cleaning as much as you can in ten minutes. The kids can put their toys away while you tackle the problem areas. Once the cleaning is over, you can reward them with a fun activity.

Buy Machine Washable Curtains

Machine Washable Curtains
Vacuuming the curtains can take up too much time. You need to invest in machine-washable curtains because they are much easier to clean. All you have to do is throw them in with the laundry when they are dirty.

Manage Missing Socks

Encountering random socks around the house is enough to drive anyone insane. You should give all your kids a mesh laundry bag and ask them to put their socks in there. When it is time to do laundry, you just have to throw the bag into the machine.


The above tips will help you to keep your house cleaner for longer. For this to work, make sure that you involve everyone in your household.

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