Buying a Dream Home in a Foreign Country

Owning a home in another country is a dream for many people. Before making a property purchase, there are some important things to consider. Buying a property is more than choosing a particular destination. You will need to explore places you can feel a sense of community and decide how you will grow into the area over the years you live there. Your purchase is as much about the people and the culture as it is about the land. The property you buy should reflect the lifestyle you intend to build.

Learn About the Real Estate Customs

Real estate transactions vary by country and by local customs. Finding properties requires homework on how transactions take place and how you can find the home you want. It is a great idea to begin a relationship with a trusted, local real estate agent. Agents can broker sales prices and clarify all of the legal obligations. You will also need assistance with understanding loans, taxes and residency requirements.


Understand Your Investment

Land values are driven by different sensibilities in different cultures. Additionally, they can vary by locales. Buyers frequently think the most attractive properties are the best investments. They need to consider what drives property sales in a foreign country. Sometimes the charm of an area and the location to services is far more attractive to local buyers than the vacation wow-factor that appeals to many foreign buyers. Understand your long-term purchase strategy, so you get the property you desire and also make a smart investment.

Affordability Issues

The affordability of living in another country is more than just the price of purchasing a property. The cost of living and the potential growth of an area are two important issues to consider. Some areas like Comporta Villas, Portugal, are known for their natural beauty and have a growing real estate market, with an affordable overall cost of living. There are some places where there is potential to get all you want and still live comfortably. Growth must be viewed from the perspective of a potential increase in land valuation and increased taxes. Look at potential growth patterns and see how these will affect your property and lifestyle in the future.


The decision to buy a home in a foreign country is exciting and full of investment potential. Seek out the culture and the area where you want to live and consider property markets that give you all the amenities you desire, along with an affordable life.

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