6 Ways to Decorate Using Photos

Even in this digital age, photo printing isn’t dead. You can use printed pictures as affordable home décor. Keep on reading and we’ll share some tips on how you can display photos creatively so that they can double as home décor.

Create a Photo Book

Make your own photo book and use it as a décor similar to a coffee table book. Place the photo book next to a scented candle, flower vase, or any other accent piece that will look good on a table. To make the photo book more special, take this as an opportunity to tell a story, such as by using pictures from your family vacations or of kids growing top. This is one way to elevate a traditional photo album.

Build a Gallery Wall


Creating a gallery wall is one of the best ways to decorate using photos. Whether in the foyer, living room, or the wall behind the stairs, a gallery wall ideas is sure to look good. It can even be a conversation starter. It is a great way to make a personal statement at home. To make it more personal, choose family photos or pictures from vacations that you have taken yourself. Mix it up for more personality.

Hang a Family Portrait

If you would rather have a single focal point than a cluster of photos, it is hard to go wrong with the idea of hanging a family portrait. Commission a photographer to take family photos and print them in a large size. Choose the right frame that will complement the overall design of the place where you will be hanging the picture.

Upcycle an Old Window


This trash to treasure project is a great way to save money while creating a meaningful décor. Find an old window and transform it into a frame. Choose an old window with several panels and add a picture in each pane.

Display Photos in a Clothesline

If you are looking for a charming and rustic way to decorate with photos, this idea is worth giving a shot. All that you need is to hang a clothesline creatively and use wooden pins to attach the photos to the string. You can use Polaroid shots with a small handwritten note to make the pictures more special. To make it look more magical, add a string of fairy lights.

Turn Photos into Ref Magnets


Elevate the look of your kitchen by doing away with boring ref magnets. Turn your pictures into beautiful magnets to give the kitchen more character. From travel photos to cheeky couple shots, they will make a practical and affordable décor in the kitchen.

From making a custom photo book to creating a gallery wall, take note of our suggestions above to make the most out of your printed pictures. They will make excellent decorative pieces while also being a great way to preserve happy memories.

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