Billdr: The Start-up That Simplifies Your Renovation Experience

Close to 60% of Canadian homeowners are not satisfied with their renovation. The home renovation market lacks transparency and efficiency, which makes this experience stressful for any homeowner wishing to start a renovation project.

Unfortunately, even recommendations for a general contractor coming from close friends or family are not always effective. For example, if a contractor has done a great job with a bathroom renovation, it does not mean he’s also specialized in house transformations.

With the ambition to make home renovations simple, transparent, and efficient, the Billdr platform seems to have found the solution to empower homeowners to embark with confidence in their renovations with a general contractor in Montreal.

Personalized support

Personalized support

With Billdr, homeowners receive personalized end-to-end assistance throughout the entire home renovation project.

The customer benefits from a free and independent estimate within 48 hours, with detailed costing carried out by a renovation home advisor. The renovation home advisor is dedicated to the project and offers personalized support, from the start to the end of the work.

Thanks to their knowledge of the construction field and speaking the same language as general contractors, Billdr home advisors will help you smoothen the execution of your project.

Home renovation with an expert

The services offered by Billdr are mainly designed for major renovations (above $ 10,000) such as home transformations & extensions, kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, paving projects.
The contractors who carry out the job are carefully selected by Billdr( insurance, general contractor’s license, customer reviews ).

For more complex projects, homeowners can also be put in touch with interior designers, technologists, and architects.

Finally, Billdr is in partnership with various suppliers, through which you can make some savings between 10 and 15% when purchasing materials.

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