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Best Tips on How to Change Your Verandah Design

Best Tips on How to Change Your Verandah Design

Your verandah is part of your home décor and should always be considered as such. Therefore, the verandah should be styled in such a way that it rhymes with the décor of the home. Depending on the style of architecture of the home, your verandah should be decorated and should look just like the rest of the home. The kind of furniture, the flowers, the windows, and the style of arrangement of items on the verandah should be inspiring. So, what are some of the things one can do to change the design of their verandah? Should you install verandah blinds or should the area be left open?

Many things can be done to make the verandah a good place for the whole family. In this article, we shall consider some of the tips that can help you style and design the verandah for the better.

Here are the tips:

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Choose hardy plants for your verandah

When you decide to pot plants, remember that designer painted pots could add to more beauty and improve the general décor of the home. For your verandah, the kind of plants that you use should be hardy enough and green all the time. You would use bigger pots as these have a greater impact on the people seeing them from afar. They can be seen even from the streets, inside the home, and the front yard.

Revamp your front door

This is another good way to give your verandah a stylish look. For your front door, you may choose to give it a stylish look based on your taste. A period-appropriate style could be a good way to go about it. You may even decide to go for a modern looking front door. Giving your front door a fresh new paint is a good way to elevate the general feel and look of the verandah. You could even decide to change the hardware of the door such as the hinges, the doorknob, and make it have a fresh and bold new look.

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Add some light

Sometimes we overlook the lighting aspect of the home and forget that it adds to the general ambiance. To have your verandah have a better street look or appeal, add some light. These lights could be added around the front door, hung the lights from the ceiling of the porch, and so on. Functional lighting on your verandah is a good way to appreciate your home, especially at night.

Tidy up your garden

The design of your verandah can very much be negatively affected by the state of your garden. You may have a well spruced up verandah but an ugly garden with overgrown plants. This makes the whole place look messy. If the garden is unkempt, the verandah will not appeal to your visitors. As such, the garden should go hand in hand with the status of the verandah. One of the best ways to improve the verandah is to trim the adjacent hedges, plants, or trees, and so on. You can weed the pants or spray to kill them.  Gorgeous potted plants planted in the garden will add to the general appeal of the verandah.

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