Best Outdoor Games to Play for a Family Adventure

Best Outdoor Games to Play for a Family Adventure

Outdoor games have always been fun for the kids as well as the children, mostly in a good season. Plus, it would be best to let your child get more engrossed in sports because that is how they will become fit and smart. Sports are a great way to work out for children, and the rules used during the game also help in your child’s cognitive development as he learns to follow directions and performs activities.

As a parent, you might get exhausted from keeping a check on your little one while he plays in the garden, but it is necessary. You should always know where your child is, and what is he doing?

Several games can turn out a dull family gathering into an adventurous and entertaining one because of the tricky yet straightforward tasks. You know that while playing with your kids, you cannot get engrossed under challenging games that the children fail to understand, instead choose such a game that can be entertaining both for you and your kid.

You can get involved with him by playing along rather than babysitting him. It will make your bond more durable, and he might consider you as a friend in the future, too, because you have to build your relationship in this initial step.

What do you think about your child? What games does he/she love the most? We’ll be providing you an exciting and enjoyable list of outdoor games that can be played for having a good time with your friends, family, and little ones. Add the following sets in your to-do lists to have experienced lots of memories, laughs, and adventure.



As a kid, you must have played this game with your friends. If not, then you should know what this game is about. As you can read the name, it somehow relates to a ball and paint. It is a thrilling game and especially for those people and children who love to hunt.

What do you have to do while playing? The ultimate purpose of the players while playing is to exclude the members of the opposing team by drenching them with water-soluble paint. You might get an idea now about how fun it will be.

Specific rules and Paintballs equipment are used, such as gear and weapons. To succeed, you have to follow the rules religiously. Its basic rules are:

  • Never take off your gear (used for safety precautions)
  • Choose long clothes while playing
  • Take care because you might get hurt

Therefore, this game is all about fun and can be played by people of any age group. There are different levels for this game, which means that elders can play this too on a higher level. So, what are you waiting for? Plan a get-together and have fun in the backyard of your house while playing paintball. It will develop a sense of teamwork in your child’s mind, and he’ll improve his skills of aiming. Also, this game is independent of any gender constraints.

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Over-Sized memory game

You might have played different types of memory games with your children indoors, but here’s an advanced version. It’s all about boosting your child’s abilities and memory, along with some physical activities. Following are some of the basic rules that should be followed to play this game:

  • Take ten sheets of poster board of your favorite color
  • Draw numbers with the same color and symbols or pictures on every half
  • Measure it’s half and cut them from middle
  • Keep these cards in your garden and start with the guessing game
  • Take turns and matches one card

This is how your child can exercise and work to improve his memory by playing such fun games. It is like the old classic form that we used to play in our drawing rooms. What could be better for our child to experience it in the natural environment?

Bottle bowling by recycling


Conduct an activity with your little where he/she gets to recycle some of your extra old bottles at home. Help them paint into an attractive color and set them in your backyard to play your favorite bottle game.

Your kids will learn to reuse items rather than wasting them. You can also play any other game with these bottles. If you want to play at night, you can add some glow sticks in it to make it a better experience for your child.

Soap Boat Races

It is an exciting and fun game to play with your family. You’ll only need a few soap bars that you can borrow from your bathrooms for the time being. Ask your kids to make little flags from fabric and toothpicks. There’s no doubt that your children will love this game because they already love water and soaps during baths.

This was our list of some outdoor games for you to have extreme fun in the summers. Do experience it with your children, and see your bond being resilient with them.

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