Best Gifts to Give Someone with a Hot Tub

If someone in your life recently got a hot tub, you know it is a very exciting time for them. They may have invited you over to experience the hot tub with them to celebrate their new investment. Or, they could have had a hot tub for a long time, as hot tubs do have long lives. Based on how much they love their hot tub, it is an excellent idea to give them a gift relating to their hot tub. No matter the occasion, your friend or family member will adore the thoughtfulness you put into your gift, as they will be able to use it when they enjoy their hot tub. To give you a few ideas, below, you will see some of the best gifts to give someone with a hot tub.

Hot Tub Decorations

Some gifts to give someone who has a hot tub or who just got their hot tub, are hot tub decorations. For example, a cute sign that says “Hot tub this way” or “Meet me in the hot tub” is a great gift idea. You can also get them some flowers or fence decor to place near their hot tub. If you don’t see any hot tub decorations you like, you can also look at things like drinkware that has something hot tub related on it. There are also tray tables and floating cup holders that really make a hot tub feel like home and make it much more enjoyable.
Hot Tub Decorations

Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Many top-of-the-line hot tubs come with a waterproof Bluetooth speaker system built into them. This is a very nice feature that allows you to play music based on the reason for hot tubbing. Whether you are trying to relax, have a party, or just want to play fun Top 40 music, playing music in the hot tub is great. However, many people do not purchase hot tubs with a Bluetooth speaker system. This is because the speaker system can be very expensive, and money may be spent elsewhere in the hot tub. So, this gives you the opportunity to give them a Bluetooth waterproof speaker! The best speaker you can get is one that connects to their phone, and that they can bring into the hot tub without fear it will get damaged by the water. Preferably, a speaker that allows them to adjust the volume and change the song. No matter what, any waterproof Bluetooth speaker will be greatly appreciated.

Towel Warmer

Have you ever gotten out of the shower or pool and you were overwhelmed with cold air? Then, you picked up your towel and it didn’t do you any favors with trying to warm you up again. This problem can thankfully be resolved with the use of a towel warmer. Considering a towel warmer will likely be used every time someone uses their hot tub, this makes for the perfect gift. When your friend or family member gets out of their warm hot tub, they will be able to use a warm towel thanks to you. Towel warmers vary in price depending on how many towels they can hold, so this is a gift that is budget-friendly for just about everyone. So, if the person in your life does not already have one, consider getting them a towel warmer.
Towel Warmer

Waterproof Phone Case

One of the best gifts you can give someone with a pool or hot tub is a waterproof phone case. There are many phone cases available on the market that make phones completely waterproof. This gift will come in handy as the person with the hot tub will likely need their phone when they are in the hot tub at some point. If they have a waterproof speaker system, they will also need their phone so they can change songs. It can become a big pain when you have to get out and dry off your hands every time you would like to use your phone. This gift will save them from going through this process as their phone will be protected thanks to your thoughtfulness.

Spa Pillow with Suction Cups

Most hot tubs do not come with spa pillows for the hot tub user to rest their head on. These pillows have to be purchased separately. Many hot tub owners forget to purchase these spa pillows, as it is assumed they come with the hot tub, or it completely slips their mind. So, if you know your friend does not have one already, consider getting them a spa pillow. Spa pillows are a great touch for any hot tub as they can make it much more comfortable and relaxing. It is important that you get one with suction cups, as you want it to stick to the hot tub by itself.

Waterproof Card Deck

If the person in your life likes to play card games like poker, go fish, or solitaire, a great gift for them is a waterproof card deck. Most card decks are not waterproof, ending up soggy or even dissolved once touched by water. The problem is that playing cards is a very fun activity, especially in scenarios like relaxing in a hot tub. Thankfully, a very inventive and creative person came up with the idea to produce waterproof card decks. This is the perfect gift to get someone with a hot tub who loves to play cards. You will open the door to playing fun card games in their hot tub when they have their guests over.
Waterproof Card Deck
Now that you know the best gifts to give someone with a hot tub, you are ready to give your friend or family member an excellent present! These gifts are great ideas for just about any holiday, celebration, or even a house warming party. When you see how much they love your gift and their hot tub, you may be interested in getting a hot tub of your own. If this does happen, please feel free to contact us. We would love to show you our options and put you in touch with the hot tub of your dreams.

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