Best Cutting Boards For Your Kitchen

A cutting and chopping surface for vegetables is known as a Cutting board. They are the most crucial and a must need in every kitchen. They are necessary for cutting veggies, nuts, and all other things required in the kitchen while cooking.

Getting a cutting board can be frustrating sometimes because of the many varieties of material available in the market.

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A good chopping board must favor the following things:

  1.  Durability: The board must be durable so that it can last log
  2. Manageable: Managing and cleaning the board is a difficult job. So, choosing one with easy management is necessary.
  3. Light surface: A board must have light, and smooth surface as dense and hard ones can blurt out your knives quickly.
  4. Antibacterial: Board must prevent bacterias and microorganisms from contaminating your food.
  5. Affordable: The board must be easily accessible for all average kitchens.

Best Cutting Boards For Your Kitchen 2019

Best Cutting Boards For Your Kitchen 2019

There are several board materials to choose from. However, choosing the right one is a crucial task. One has to keep all the pros and cons in mind before buying a kitchen chopping board. Here we have enlisted the best cutting board materials for your kitchen.

Plastic Chopping Board

Plastic boards are one of the most used chopping boards when compared with other materials. Compounds such as high-density Polyethylene plastic are used in manufacturing. The main benefit of plastic boards is they allow treatment with high chemical compounds such as bleach and detergents.
Plastic Chopping Board
They have a downside, which is that they are not antimicrobial and allow bacterias to attack the food. They do not blunt the knife and are durable. Plastic chopping boards do not have any odor, unlike other traditional cutting boards.

Glass Slicing Board

Glass board are the most easily cleanable and sturdy slicing boards. They offer smooth surface but can blunt out the knife edge during regular use. While chopping, the glass can shatter in tiny pieces and contaminate the food. So, Chopping with these boards is not advised.

Rubber Chopping Boards

Rubber Chopping Boards
Rubber chopping boards are heavy and prevent the sliding of the board while cutting. They are hard and expensive. They have self-healing properties but have a strange odor that can spoil the taste of your food.

Granite Chopping Boards

Granite Chopping boards are durable and soft on the blade. They do not dull the knife edge while cutting. Granite has no peculiar odor, unlike rubber. It is also self-healing and antimicrobial at the same time.

Wood Chopping Boards

Wood Chopping boards are probably the most used boards in the kitchen. They have a self-healing property that heals their cuts automatically over time. They are hard and sturdy. Washing with heavy chemical is not advised for such boards.
Wood Chopping Boards
Sanding and reapplication of oil and wax can help in the refurbishment of these boards. Wood boards are of different kinds according to the type of wood used in the manufacturing process.

Final Words –

Thank you for reading the article and let us know if we have missed out on any of your favorite point or if your favorite point is already mentioned above.

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