How to Treat Your Lawn with Love

Agreed, you spent $2 billion in the just the interior décor of your home. Still, it remains just a “house” without being adorned with befitting outdoor grandeur; such grandeur that makes your home oozes beauty from the outside.

Lawns have a way of aesthetically transforming your home, with the perfectly maintained lawn, you are always proud to tell everyone you know “that is my house”.

Maintaining your lawn in Chesterfield isn’t necessarily exhaustive. There are the basics you can readily handle. For the advanced and more technically demanding maintenance aspects, you may rightly outsource to a professional lawn service Chesterfield va.

For every homeowner, the sight of moss, thatch, and even weeds invading your beloved lawn can be discomforting. Aside that, weeds and its accomplices are bullies who would not only molest your beautiful grass; these weeds would go as far as obstructing the crucial passage of air to the lawn and stealing nutrients from your grasses’ roots as well.

Let us get rid of them.

We will start by declaring war on weeds
Peaceful Green Garden

Weeds are as notorious as they are ubiquitous with a special penchant for appearing where they are uninvited. Birds transmit weeds. Same as your shoes or even other animals strolling across your lawn. In most cases, weeds grow as flowers or seed heads.

The commonest way to get rid of weeds is by uprooting them wholly. This, however, may be fatiguing when our lawn is already riddled with weeds. In that scenario where there is already a proliferation of weeds in your lawn, you can resort to the use of herbicides to spray.

The toxicity of your herbicide is a crucial factor. You may want to consult an expert lawn service chesterfield va to identify the befitting low-toxicity herbicide for your lawn.

Thatch can also be a nuisance

Thatch builds up between the soil and the leaves. In most cases, this organic matter is a jumbo of dead roots and stems. Thatch will obstruct the due absorption of nutrients on the part of your lawn’s grass.

Thatch will also compete with the grass for moisture. This is why they need to be sent packing.

The best process for getting rid of thatch is by scarification. This involves raking the lawn and then expelling the mulch from it. A lawn scarifier can get this readily done.

Moss is unwelcomed either

Mosses are not as outrightly aggressive as weeds, yet they are unwelcome in your lawn and must also be removed. Basically, mosses are non-flowering and are commonly found in areas of your lawn with exorbitant moisture or those shaded areas of your yard where the quality of the turf is lesser.
Moss is unwelcomed either
Mosses are silent killers of your lawn. If you don’t tackle them on time, they will end up abundantly multiplying and impinging on the growth of your grass. Soil clay content, mass thatch, and even drought can accelerate the multiplication of moss in your lawn.

Getting rid of moss implores suppressing the causative factor. This essentially involves improving the drainage of your lawn.

A house becomes a home when embroidered with that dazzling lawn. Get the best of maintenance for your lawn from Picture Perfect Lawns. Experts in lawn maintenance in Chesterfield, Picture Perfect Lawn assures you of lawns that amiably welcome you back home.

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