Best Cities To Buy a House in Ontario

Ontario, located in east-central Canada, is one of the best places to live; it’s no surprise that it’s one of Canada’s most populous provinces. It covers 1,076,395 square kilometres with over 14 million residents. The province of Ontario houses Toronto and Ottawa, the two most populous cities.

Ontario, Canada, is one of the best places to buy a house in, and if you can’t decide on a city to live in, read on below to get to know the towns more! Ontario is a majestic place, and every city has something to offer for a first-time resident. 


The city of Cambridge, situated in southwestern Ontario, was first formed in 1973. Based on the 2020 consensus, it has over 141,809 residents. The town has fantastic views, and numerous tourists come to the city because of the unique buildings, especially filmmakers. 

It’s possible that you’ll never get tired of the city if you choose to live here because of its numerous attractions: from parades, music festivals, arts centres, and many more! The Houses for Sale Cambridge has to offer will surely not disappoint you. You can choose from numerous options depending on your budget and preferred style for the house.

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Toronto is considered the capital of Ontario, and it houses over 6,197,000 residents in Canada. It is a big city; hence it is one of the most populated cities. You can observe the diversity in the city. Yet, it also appreciates culture since the city is filled with parks, museums, and architectural artifacts.

Toronto is a great city to purchase a house and raise kids since the town has plenty of sports centres, zoos, art galleries, and many more! There are also many job opportunities for different fields, e.g., technology, food industry, tourism, art, education, and many more.


Ottawa is considered a safe and accommodating city. Indeed, the low crime rate in Ottawa proves this. Like Toronto, Ottawa also has many job prospects available for immigrants and residents aspiring to change residencies. 

The cost of living in Ottawa depends on the location you choose. However, the average rent of a house with three bedrooms is $2.479. And $501,201 is the average cost of a detached home in Ottawa. Renting an apartment ranges from $700-1400 per month, which can be affordable.


If you prefer to live in a city with friendly neighbours, Hamilton is the city for you! Hamilton is also most commonly known as the “Steel Capital of Canada” because it handles 60% of steel production in Canada. Additionally, commuting in the city is straightforward since it has a sound transport system that can transport residents and tourists from one place to another.  

There are also plenty of job opportunities in Hamilton with an affordable cost of living. A one-room apartment rent can cost about $1,000. Additionally, Hamilton has numerous amenities, like parks, universities, museums, parks, and many more.


The city of Brampton was first incorporated in 1853 as a village. And later on, in 1873, the people turned it into a town. It has a population of 713,463.

Brampton is known for its advanced manufacturing, life sciences, technology, retailing, and many more. Indeed, there are numerous job opportunities and affordable housing in Brampton, which is the reason for the high immigration to the city. 

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Windsor is Canada’s Southernmost city and is very close to Detroit, Michigan. In fact, the Detroit-Windsor region is an international border both managed by the US and Canada. Like Toronto, Windsor has a diverse culture. The city has affordable house and apartment prices. In fact, it has a population of 222,571 residents. 

Windsor is currently on the rise, and it would be a good idea to purchase a house here due to the affordable housing prices and rental rates. It is also one of the cities of Ontario that’s diverse in culture, so living in the city would open you to many new experiences.


Ontario has 52 cities, yet you only have to choose one city to purchase a house in – the task is genuinely challenging. So, be aware of your preferences and needs in a home and city. 

Ask yourself if you prefer to live surrounded by nature or bodies of water, a compound, in the city, or just in an apartment, etc. Being aware of such things can help you land the house of your dreams in the province you love, Ontario.

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