Benefits of Tracking Your Dog with GPS

It is the biggest fear of any pet owner to lose their beloved pet. Unfortunately, it occurs almost every day, and many dogs and cats are brought to the shelters each year, with numbers ranging in millions. Out of these total 7.6 million, around 2.7 million animals are euthanized. Among these, dogs and cats account for almost 1.2 million and 1.4 million, respectively.

Dr. Jennifer Coates, DVM, says, The total number of pets that are lost would be even higher since some that go missing are found without entering a shelter and others, unfortunately, are never located.”

Whoever experiences losing a pet, may explain how horrible it is to lose a beloved pet. With the increasing advancement in technology, we have now come to a point not to worry about losing our pet animals. Pet trackers are now available in the market, a beneficial gadget to locate our pet even when it is gone several miles away from us. We can monitor our beloved furry friends by using these trackers.


Pet GPS trackers are available in varieties, ranging from those, which can be clipped to the collars, in tag form, or as a collar. First, you will have to set the GPS tracker on the animal; then, you will be logged in to a website or use an app to see your pet’s location, which is updated from time to time. Some trackers also keep a record of accomplishment of the pet’s activity level.

Erin Askeland, who is an animal behaviorist, explains, “GPS trackers don’t prevent the pets from being stolen or lost, but they make it easier for the owners to find the lost ones.”

I feel it is mandatory to mention here that no matter what, the love and care of a pet owner are irreplaceable, and we cannot deny the responsibility, which the owners have on their part regarding their pet care. The pet owners should always take their responsibility first, no matter how efficient and trustable their tracker is. Before getting straight into the benefits of GPS trackers, we have to see

Why are GPS trackers required?

Pet GPS trackers ensure the safety and convenience of your pet. Dogs may run away due to specific reasons the owners give on their own to them, such as ignoring the pet. The pet animal feels neglected, lacks excitement, and feels boredom in the house; they may run away. It may lead to unpleasant outcomes, your dog may be stolen, or they may hit traffic on the road. To have a timely check on your dog’s location, GPS trackers are a great help. As ThePets explained, the trackers might be a bit heavy on your pocket, but they are worth it because they provide indispensable benefits to you.


GPS tracker helps locate stolen pets

It is an undeniable fact that pets are stolen every year for several reasons. Pets are stolen to use in animal testing, sell them again in the market gaining profit, and use them as fighting dogs. 

Russell Hartstein, who is working as a behaviorist and trainer of pets in California, says that “If your dog or cat is stolen, pet tracker may be of great help to recover them.” If your pet is theft, and you are lucky enough that the thief forgets about removing the GPS tracker, then it is straightforward for you to get back your beloved pet. Even in the other case, you may at least be able to know about the last location of your pet. 

GPS tracker helps locate lost pets


If your pet dog escapes or wanders off, you do not have to worry, as a GPS tracker will update you about your pet’s whereabouts and help relieve anxiety. Joan Mayer, who is the owner of a training company based in California named Inquisitive Canine, says, “It is nice to have GPS capability because you never know when and where you may lose your pet.” He also adds, “They are convenient to use, but they may not be able to replace pet parent responsibility and should not be relied upon completely.”

GPS tracker helps locate working dogs

For those dogs, which serve the police force or military, GPS trackers are a must-have for them. Pet GPS trackers are a great help for the handlers to report about a canine’s location on a mission. GPS tracker is incredibly beneficial in such tasks as a time shortage or finding survivors in an emergency condition.

Farmers also use GPS trackers to ensure their dogs are safe and not stolen during herding. Most farmers who have large dogs, such as Maremma Sheepdogs, look after their sheep, dependent on these GPS trackers.

GPS tracker help in monitoring activity levels

As humans use trackers in the form of watches to check their activity levels, GPS trackers can serve the same purpose. Some trackers can tell you about your pet’s activity levels. We are well aware that exercise has crucial importance in the maintenance of your pet’s health. Having a record of your pet’s activity level through GPS trackers will tell you if your pet activity levels are low. You need to provide exercise or increase the time of outdoor activities to ensure better health.

GPS tracker provides Real-Time Information:

Dogs are fast animals. If your dog has managed to escape your home, he may probably be gone far away, than you are thinking, and you can be dodged by finding the tracks of your dog. Moreover, dogs do not feel if they are posed to a potentially dangerous situation, especially water bodies and heights from which they can be injured. GPS trackers help solve these issues. They tell you the right position of your dog therein, making it possible for you to take all the necessary actions to save your pet’s life and to locate his position.

GPS tracker cut the search cost for your pet


If you lose your beloved pet, you may try every possible way to find it back. You may put in all your efforts to find him before, such as printing flyers, putting up lost dog signs, or may end up hiring third parties to search for your pet. Moreover, in some cases, you may be demanded by the ones having your pet in possession to reward them for returning your dog to you. If you consider all this, losing a pet may be expensive for your pocket. GPS tracker helps you reduce this cost, I will not say ultimately, but for many things out of the above. The best of the available GPS dog trackers will be helping you by just using an app or a collar linked to the GPS. 

Interestingly, GPS trackers are equally beneficial in other pets as they are for dogs. You may use a GPS tracker for your cat also. The difference would only be in choosing the right size for your cat. Otherwise, the GPS tracker for cats and other pets serves the same purpose well. I recommend using this anxiety reliever to all the pet owners to make their life stressful free!

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