Benefits of Installing a PTAC System In Your Home

Are you in need of a heating and cooling system in your home? If so, your best option is to install a packaged terminal air conditioner, also known as a PTAC. This is a ductless heating and cooling system that’s easily installed through the wall. It features an evaporator, condenser, expansion valve, compressor, and other integral parts.

With a PTAC unit, you’ll be able to choose the right heat type depending on whether your room is chilly or hot. If you’re still not convinced about getting a PTAC system in your home, here’s an article highlighting the benefits of installing one.

Installation Is Simple

With more traditional systems, you would need to install separate units and lay ductwork to get a working heating and cooling system. The installation would require a lot of time, expertise, and upfront costs.

Because it’s a unitary system, meaning all the necessary components for heating and cooling come in a single unit, a PTAC is easier to install compared to traditional units. It doesn’t require ductwork, either. Not only does this make for a straightforward installation, it also means you save a lot of money.

Performs Both Cooling and Heating

Unlike air conditioning systems, PTACs offer both cooling and heating from a single unit. This differs from standard heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, which feature two components: an external condenser and indoor coil. But this isn’t ideal because the air in HVAC systems pass through ductwork and, as a result, is prone to having foul odors and cross-contamination.

In contrast, a PTAC system guarantees exceptional indoor comfort throughout the year. It does this by incorporating either a fresh air intake or having a traditional refrigerant. Moreover, it features a condensing coil facing outward and an evaporator coil facing inward.

When you want cool fresh air inside the room, the PTAC system sucks air from the outside directly through a vent positioned on the back.

Other models feature a built-in dehumidifier that takes out moisture present in the sucked air. Nonetheless, the most efficient and common method integrated into most PTAC systems is the air inside recirculating through a refrigerant. This refrigerant makes the air cooler by removing humidity and heat before the air gets released into the room via the vent and fans.

Silent Performance

There’s nothing better than silence in your home after a hectic day at work, especially in your bedroom. This is something that PTAC units guarantee to offer. They’re designed operate quietly, unlike most other options in the market.
Silent Performance

Energy Efficiency

The latest PTAC units come with an Energy Efficient Ratio of at least 10.0, making it one of the most efficient heating and cooling systems around. And unlike central HVAC systems, PTAC units function independently. This means that a single unit can work on its own to heat or cool a room while the other units don’t have to be switched on if the rooms in which they’re installed aren’t in use.

These factors ensure that you’re not only lowering your carbon footprint, but are also enjoying massive savings on your electric bill.

Improved Comfort In Your Home

Your home is where you come to find solace from the frantic world. Therefore, it must be the most comfortable, perfect place to enjoy relaxing moments. However, this goal can be hampered by extreme cold or hot weather, and having a PTAC system will best address this problem.

This is among the best things about a PTAC system because you can choose to either use an automatic fan speed setting or set the fan’s speed manually. You only need to set the thermostat to the desired temperature, and after that choose the heating function. Therefore, you also don’t have to worry about preventing others’ comfort in the house, as they can conveniently set their PTAC units to the desired temperatures within their spaces.

It’s for this reason that PTAC units are loved in the hospitality industry due to the convenience they provide since temperatures can be adjusted as desired.

Easy To Use

Easy To Use
Are you using a PTAC unit for the first time? If so, you don’t need to worry about how to best use this appliance as it features user-friendly controls. Therefore, you won’t have any trouble using it regardless of whether you’re tech savvy or not. This is great news as it makes PTACs practical, hence why they’re installed in most hotels and business establishments.


From energy-saving to independent functioning, installing a PTAC system in your home offers undeniable benefits. Once it’s installed, your whole family will enjoy improved comfort throughout the whole year.

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