Custom Retail Displays

Benefits of Getting Custom Retail Displays for Your Business

Businesses have been trying to put their products on display ever since the concept of a business was first conceived. First, it was just a matter of putting your product on a pedestal and hoping that the customer will notice. This method remained the same for centuries. Then, when modern urban shops became a thing, business owners started using glass displays to show off the things they were selling. These displays ranged from simple showcases to fancy and elaborate pieces of art, all with the same goal; attract the customer.

These days, the now traditional method of a glass display upfront is still fairly prevalent. The issue is that a large portion of customers shop exclusively in malls, where a close-fronted shop doesn’t fit the aesthetic. Many malls even require that you keep an open front. This puts a dent in business owners’ plan to use store fixtures to promote the products they are selling. Luckily there is a solution to this problem that is arguably much better than a traditional glass display; a kiosk retail display.

What is a kiosk?

A kiosk, or more commonly referred to as a Mall Kiosk, is a temporary stand used to market and promote products. You can think of a mall kiosk as a pop-up booth that is manned by at most 2-3 people and is placed in the middle of high traffic areas. If your shop is in the corner of the mall that gets very little traffic, you can’t just pick up your store and put it in the middle of a high traffic walkway. What you can do, however, is utilize the potential of a custom-built mall kiosk.

Benefits of a custom kiosk:

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While it is true that you can easily find a pre-built kiosk, buying it defeats the whole purpose of a kiosk in the first place. You don’t make your main shop with pre-built generic parts, so why do it with the thing that is going to market your business. Just like a shop is built from the ground up to best showcase and display the products that you are selling and fit the aesthetic, a kiosk needs to be the same. Here are some of the benefits of getting a custom mall kiosk store fixture.


Getting a custom kiosk allows you to make it into whatever you want. You can get one that looks similar to your store and establishes a connection. Or, you can get a custom kiosk that is bold and attracts a lot of eyes.

Fits the location:

Not every business has access to a high-traffic area large enough to house a generic boxy kiosk. This is where having the option to go custom comes in handy. You can get your mall kiosk built according to the place it is going to be installed. That way, you get to set up a shop in tight spaces without blocking the foot traffic. You can also make it so that the direction it faces is according to the flow of traffic so you can get maximum attention.

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