Beautiful Modern Rustic Kitchen By deVOL

I was pleasantly surprised to discover this modern rustic kitchen: it was certainly modern with its lines; but was also rustic at the same time for it had such material components. The brick-built wall was painted in white; blending with the elements while the wood was either left alone in its natural brownish texture or was lacquered in black to reflect a little contrast. As for its decoration, a pure, minimalistic and authentic style was perfectly fitted to it. Both tables were vintage and gave an adequate stylish touch to the room. For more info on the kitchen, go to deVol and visit the maker at Sebastian Cox.

Want to know what my favorite is? The brass faucets!

Modern Rustic Kitchen

Beautiful Modern Rustic Kitchen Design By deVOL

beautiful rustic kitchen design

black wood kitchen storage cabinet near staircase

black wood kitchen storage cabinet

Copper sink modern kithen

Coppiced beech panel

Interior of stained black kitchen drawer

Modern rustic kitchen with Large Faux Deer

Rustic White Kitchen Design

urban Rustic Kitchen Wood Table

wood kitchen table and stool

Wooden black panel of cabinet

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