A Beautiful Home of Still Life Owner Ditte Reckweg


The bedroom is painted white and calm, neutral colors

Beautiful Home must make you very proud of having one. Such Beautiful Home can create a happier state of mind for you and your family. But Beautiful Home can be challenging if there are some factors missing. Therefore, a few simple tasks need to be considered to make such impression.

Yes I do agree that first impression matter. I have posted a few images here about A Beautiful Home of Still Life Owner Ditte Reckweg. When I talk about this house, my first impression is that this house is totally welcoming and warm. If you were to have guests over, you will be proud of having the house like shown in the Still Life home. When looking from the outside, it seems that the house is neat and well-presented. When it comes to the front door, it is welcoming as well. The home-owner is wonderful. She removed the clutter and she could wisely store the goods in the proper place.

Some of you probably consider me to be exaggerating but this is a heaven scent. I do agree when folks who are interested in Interior Decoration state that visual has the most impact of the house. Adding such wonderful elements in this house, Ditte Reckweg has made it to create such wonderful place.

Let’s take a look at the living room light which creates such beautiful home in pastel color. The sofa can cover all the family needs. And it is from IKEA, just I expected. Cushions are also notable here. They are made of Karen Beam. Let’s say that this can be your sanctuary and I myself won’t be bothered to stay a night or two in there.

Still Life is one of the famous shops in Denmark and here are pictures from one of the owners of the Stilleben shop.

Melt Design Studio

The whole family gathered Behind: Marcus Lindholm, architect and owner of Ahlblad studio. In front sits Ditte Reckweg, designer and co-owner of the ceramics and interior shop Still Life with Villads of 9 years, Arthur 6 years old and little Barbara at 2 years. Ditte Reckweg is also one of BO improved design ambassadors.

interior shop family

The living room light creates a beautiful home in the pastel-coloured panes of double door leading to the stairs to the basement. The sofa can accommodate the whole family and is from Ikea, the rug is in cash lama from Aymara and cushions are made of Karen Beam. Neon-stool are by Tom Dixon and the painting is an early Catrine Raben Davidsen. The small table is still life design with top in lava stone from Made a Mano.

Adding such nice focal point like zebra carpet, every visitor will notice these immediately. And it is like I am going to say “Wow, this place is so comfortable and welcoming”. And this is fair to be proud person to have this kind of house.

living room

A fine corner with several books. They occur in virtually any room of the house and helps to give color, atmosphere and coziness. In an original Pantella lamp.

A fine corner with several books

The bright kitchen is from Ikea, and the white, simple items get a lot of response from pottery and tools at beautifully promotion. For example, the striped vase that is Ditte Reckwegs and her partner Jelena Schou Nordentoft own design, Omaggio, created for Kähler. The splash plate behind the stove is made of a 100 year old facade glass from a previous business.

bright kitchen is from Ikea

For 2 year Barbara, until she gets her own room, a corner of the bedroom, where she can sleeps in an original Juno-bed under the desire for sweet dreams. The picture is of Terese Sennerholt and the pink image of All the way to Paris.

a corner of the bedroom

The bedroom is painted by white and calm, neutral colors. Bay windows are arranged as a small beautiful home office overlooking the garden. The table is an impulse from a furniture exhibition in London, a unique work of an English designer.

The bedroom is painted white and calm, neutral colors

In the hall contains the row of Plexiglas containers all family hats, scarves and caps.They are sold in Still Life with leather suitcase and backpack from Ally Cappelino.

row of Plexiglas containers

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