Bathroom Renovation Ideas 2021


Bathroom Renovation

With more and more designs and ideas cropping up, there is the need to ensure a partial or complete bathroom renovation that will suit individual style while maintaining a modernized and stylish look.

Different brands and interior designers have revolutionized the bathroom fixtures to include trendy and distinct styles that seek to illuminate the bathroom. With the necessity for hygienic and clean spaces in the last year, the 2020 designs are leaning towards easy-to-clean surfaces that ensure antimicrobial features. However, this additive does not take away from the style and developing interior designs that are set to take over the market.

Where to start

Bathroom renovations are a great investment in the home. Therefore, adequate preparation is ensured to provide the intended results.

Before bathroom renovation, it is vital to set up a mood board to determine your requirements and what exactly it is you want. Planning for the renovation takes time, and the contractor needs to visit the space to advice on possible changes. This helps the interior designer get a feel of your style and personality and curate the final design to match your taste and liking. Therefore, patience is essential when renovating.

Budgeting for the bathroom renovation will help you in fulfilling your bathroom dreams. Partial bathroom renovation is cheaper since they only require a few touch-ups and add-ons to your existing bathroom. Full bathroom renovations require a complete overhaul, which may cost more depending on your additions. Budgeting ensures you identify the right amount of money to be used on labor, flooring, fixtures, and other additives.

Hiring the right contractor will save you a lot of money and time. It is vital to research friends or family to get credible referrals. You can also check through search portals to find a contractor in your area. 

Incorporating eco-friendly components in the bathroom will go a long way in preserving the environment. Going green ensures that the components used help save water, unnecessary waste, and recycling materials. For instance, using smart toilets, eco-friendly paints, and recycled flooring or glass fixtures are some ways this can be implemented. 

Maintaining proper care and hygiene in the bathroom is necessary to ensure the bathroom offers you longevity. This gives you value for money as a well-maintained bathroom can last for up to ten years.

Style ideas and designs in 2021

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There are several 2021 style ideas and concepts that are a must-have in your bathroom:

Smart features 

The use of smart features in the bathroom has revolutionized the interior industry to enable easy and better usage of amenities. These features, which are often seen as futuristic, are finding their footing in bathrooms with the promise of advanced technological systems in the future. For instance, smart toilets that have self-cleaning technology create a buzz in the market and simplify interior and exterior cleaning. 

With self-closing lids and automatic flushing, they seek to ensure minimal contact with the skin ensuring clean and pristine toilet surfaces. These toilets also have bacterial cleaning light under the lid to ensure germs’ buildup is a thing of the past. I mean, who wouldn’t want one of these bad boys in their bathrooms? Other smart features soon to be prominent in bathrooms are LED displays, automatic showers, and tap fixtures, as well as automated frosted mirrors. Heated flooring is also being incorporated to provide comfort after a long bath. 

Flora and fauna

The lockdown period has caused most people to crave a botanical and tropical interior. Embracing foliage by adding potted plants or botanical wallpapers will surely add an outdoor feel to any bathroom.

Luxurious home spas

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The need for comfort and luxury has seen many individuals embrace the concept of home spas. These come about by incorporating luxurious fittings such as metallic spa-like fixtures, huge decadent ceramic, and hydrotherapy baths by placing massaging showers and steam and sauna stations. Adding scented candles and mood lighting is also a trending addition.

Portable saunas are suitable for home bathrooms due to their space efficiency, convenience, privacy, customization, hygiene, health benefits, year-round usability, easy installation, and cost-effectiveness. Unlike traditional saunas, portable ones don’t require much space, can be easily set up in bathrooms, offer private sessions, allow temperature and duration control, and maintain personal hygiene standards. They’re ideal for year-round use, don’t require complex installations, and are cost-effective compared to built-in options.

Fluted finishes

These add much-needed texture and modernity to the bathroom by enabling a different and stylish concept. The ribbed fluted finishes on the vanity section or the shower door enable light to pass through while maintaining a tactile finish. The use of flutes in lighting or mirrors also offers a textualized concept to any boring bathroom and improves creativity and style.

Minimalist designs

Minimal designs will never go out of style. These provide less clutter and ensure a spacious, airy, and clean interior. These designs have essential amenities without the clutter of too many unnecessary fixtures and clear doors or shelves. This creates the illusion of a larger space and makes it easy to clean. 

Minimalist bathroom ideas focus on simplicity, functionality, and clean design. Start with a neutral color palette using shades like white, beige, gray, or muted pastels to establish a serene atmosphere. Select sleek fixtures such as faucets, showerheads, and towel racks in chrome or matte black for a modern touch.  

Consider clear glass enclosures for the shower to expand the space visually. Choose a simple, frameless mirror above the vanity and incorporate hidden storage solutions to keep essentials out of sight. For decor, opt for a single potted plant, small wall art, or a simple candle to add warmth without overwhelming the space.  

Embrace open shelving with carefully curated items, and use large tiles on walls and floors to maintain a clean appearance with fewer grout lines. Keep lighting fixtures minimalist—recessed lighting or clean-lined pendant lights work well.  

Furthermore, consider a monochrome design with a single color for tiles, walls, and surfaces to create a cohesive look. Utilize towel hooks over bars for simplicity and opt for invisible drainage solutions like linear drains to maintain a clutter-free floor.

Backlight mirrors

These provide extra lighting to the bathroom without glare and mirror reflections. Since the light is at the back of the mirror, its effects create a decorative concept and create the illusion of a floating mirror. These lights are adjustable to different modalities enabling the chance of dimming or brightening depending on your satisfaction.

Floating vanities

The concept of floating or wall-hung vanities is a hot trend for 2021. With more individuals propelling towards functionality and space, floating vanities create an airy and flexible interior, away from the traditional vanities, which was bulky and took up much-needed space. These vanities come with extra storage and do not limit the plumbing space by covering it all up. 

Statement lighting

The use of sophisticated lighting fixtures greatly enhances the bathroom’s interior. Incorporating bold and dramatic fixtures will transcend the bathroom into a glamorized space. For instance, the use of huge brass fixtures, huge chandeliers, or dramatic floor lamps will thoroughly help the transformation come together. Other trends in 2021 include motion sensor lights and adjustable lighting fixtures. 

Dark interiors

The use of dark interiors creates a bold and moody interior which is becoming quite popular in 2021. The use of dark colors through textured ceramics, dark floors, and wallpaper offers the feeling of relaxation during bath time. Although seemingly risky, you can incorporate a touch of color by adding flowers or gold fixtures.

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