Bathroom Remodel Checklist: 10 Steps to Brand New

Are you looking to build a bathroom that makes your home feel like an oasis? Follow this bathroom remodel checklist to get started.

Remodeling your bathroom is one of the best ways that you can increase the resale value of your home and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

Some reports even show that you can get as much as 2-3 percent more money for your home after updating the bathroom.

Are you getting ready to remodel your bathroom? Are you feeling overwhelmed by everything you have to do to get ready for it?

If so, keep reading. Below is your ultimate bathroom remodel checklist. Follow the ten steps on this list and your remodeling project will be smooth sailing.

1. Know the Scope

One of the first things you need to consider when planning a bathroom remodel is the scope of the project. What are your goals for this space?

Are you doing a total bathroom makeover? Do you plan to add new features and change the plumbing situation? Or, do you want to update one or two aspects of it and call it good?
Know the Scope

Think about the size of the bathroom, too.

Is it a full bath? Half bath? The size of the room will have an impact on the cost of the project, as well as the amount of time it takes to complete it.

2. Seek Inspiration

After you’ve thought about your basic goals for the bathroom remodel, it’s time to think about the fun stuff. How do you want your bathroom to look when the project is finished?

To get a better idea of your goals for the finished product, spend some time on Pinterest or home renovation sites. You might not be able to get your bathroom to look exactly like the pictures you see online or in magazines, but these images are still great starting points.

3. Crowdsource

Remember to crowdsource and talk to everyone who uses the bathroom about what they want, too.

It’s easy to get carried away and let your preferences and what you see online dictate the remodel. If you’re not the only one who’s going to use the new bathroom, though, you ought to get everyone’s input before making any final decisions.

4. Consider the Costs

Once you have a better understanding of the scope of the project and how you want your bathroom to look, it’ll be easier for you to start planning your budget.

Figure out how much you can afford to spend on your bathroom remodel. Then, start allocating specific amounts of money to different elements. This is a good time to think about where you want to splurge and where you want to try and save.
Consider the Costs
Don’t forget that you need to account for more than the price tag of various items. You’ll need to factor in the costs of hiring a plumber, contractor, and other professionals to help you out.

5. Look at the Layout

Be sure to take the layout of your bathroom into consideration when you’re making final decisions. Get careful measurements of the space and take note of where everything is located.

This will make it easier for you to get the appropriate amount of materials. It’ll also help you get more accurate quotes from professionals.

6. Hire Professionals

Speaking of professionals, now is a good time to start looking for people to help you with the project.

In most cases, it’s best to have someone who knows what they’re doing come in and assist with the bathroom remodel. From demolition to installations, there’s a lot that can go wrong along the way.

Look for an experienced contractor who can oversee the project. You may need to bring on a plumber and an electrician, too, depending on your goals for the new bathroom.

7. Select Your Materials

Now, it’s time to start shopping for the materials you want to use in your new bathroom. This includes things like new tiles, new hardware, and new lighting fixtures.

Keep your budget in mind as you begin this part of the project. Knowing what you can spend will help you avoid falling in love with materials that are way outside of your price range.

8. Plan Special Orders in Advance

If you’re planning on having items like bathroom vanities or storage units custom made, or if you need to order them from a specialty store, it’s best to place your order early on.
Plan Special Orders in Advance
It’s not uncommon for these things to get delayed, so ordering in advance will help you ensure they get to your house on time and don’t slow down the project.

9. Don’t Overlook the Little Things

Don’t get so focused on the big picture that you forget about little details. Remember, sometimes, it’s the smallest things that have the most significant impact on the end result.

Think about things like where you want the towels to hand or the number of mirrors you want on the walls. This information will be very useful to the members of your remodeling crew as well.

10. Be Patient

Finally, remember to be patient and give your team time to complete the project.

It’s important for you to check in on them and make sure things are getting done. However, try not to micromanage. Your team won’t be able to do a good job if you’re always breathing down their necks.

You may want to plan to use another bathroom during the remodel, too. This might be a different bathroom in your house, or it could mean getting friendly with your neighbors.

Depending on the timeline of the project, you may want to consider renting a portable toilet to save yourself from knocking on the neighbors’ doors at 3 a.m.

Follow This Bathroom Remodel Checklist Today

Remodeling your bathroom is a big project, and it’s easy to feel totally lost when you’re first getting started with it.

If you keep the steps on this bathroom remodel checklist in mind, though, you’ll have an easier time staying organized and figuring out which tasks are the most important.

Do you want to learn more about remodeling your bathroom or other rooms in your house? If so, be sure to visit the Home Improvement section of our site for some extra tips and tricks.

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