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Bathroom redos and renovations are costly, time-consuming, and at some point, can be stressful and frustrating. Prices range from several thousand dollars and can spruce up your existing shower and bathroom to even six-figure cost for the gut redo of a premium master bathroom. 

If you follow professional advice and tweak in some techniques, redo’s are indeed worth it, and every upgrade will jibe with routines and lifestyles. There are several factors that you need to consider when going for a shower or bathroom upgrades. 

Factors To Consider Before You Begin With Renovations

Before going over and finding the latest bathroom design of your choice, there are essential factors that you need to reconsider and ask yourself. Several people won’t think these elements are vital until you’re on your chosen designer, and your style and budget are questioned. 

  • Determine which part of your current bathroom you want to renovate.
  • Identify how many people use the shower and toilet.
  • Do you need more space or storage in it?
  • Identify your current budget and how much you are willing to spend.
  • Identify your lifestyle and routine to decide on your bathroom layout.

Next is to determine your shower plans; while others think of it as a tiny detail in the overall redo’s, it plays a vital role if you plan to put your property on sale in the future. Freestanding tubs are kid-friendly. However, if you have limited space, a tub and shower combo is already a practical option. 

In case you give bigger space, you can opt for high-end walk-in showers to increase the beauty and curb appeal of your bathroom. Glass doors provide a spacious charm, which adds warmth to your shower. In case you want to add light, openness, and dimension to your shower, you might want to reconsider the Frameless shower screen installation on your bathroom. This frameless screen adds elegance to your bath and is undeniably visually beautiful.

Going over the essential renovation thing is vital and having an excellent bathroom and shower tells more of your lifestyle routine. You’ll surely agree with us that a stunning bathroom provides happiness, relaxation, and a feel-good experience. 

Professional Tips And Techniques When Upgrading Your Shower And Bathroom

If you plan to remodel your shower and bathroom space, these expert tips and advice will help you come up with the best ideas and designs that will perfectly meet your preference and needs. 

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Set A Realistic Budget Plan

Home improvements and renovations are pricey, and if you don’t determine your budget, your expenses can spiral. The best way to prevent paying more than what you can afford is to be realistic with your account and stick to the plan. This will provide convenience on your end as you start looking for contractors and designs to meet your preference.

Identify Your Bathroom Preference And Style

When it comes to bathrooms, there are various layouts, sizes, and shapes. While you don’t need or won’t have to remodel the whole bathroom and shower, you can do upgrades to improve its aesthetics. Check for alternative options and work with your ideas together with your planned budget. Choose from a wet bathroom, standard bathroom, or half-bath style of bathroom. 

Think Of The Bathroom Layout

You’ll have massive layout variations when it comes to the bathroom, and it’s best to understand what you need. From size to shapes, the layout is vital to the overall remodeling or renovation process.

Consider The Lighting

Bathroom lighting is vital as you’ll need an excellent visual of how you look, including your face and hair. Consider adding sconces on your bathroom mirrors. There are plenty of lighting options, like a ceiling fixture, dimmer switch, or a spotlight. Be as creative as you can.

Invest With Durable Materials

It’s a challenge to renovate a bathroom as you’ll have to make sure the materials are durable, heavy-duty, and premiere to withstand harsh components, look aesthetically attractive, easy to clean, and can cope with changing temperatures. Not to mention that it will endure water flow every single day.

Address Ventilation

Since showers and bathrooms are prone to humidity/dampness, it must have proper ventilation. This will prevent mold buildup. You can place various sources of ventilation, like exhaust fans, window vents, and multiple openings.

Choose The Perfect Flooring

Consider practical options with bathroom floorings like ceramic, vinyl (sheets, tiles, or planks) flooring. While wood floors provide excellent character, they are not realistic.

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Include Freestanding Pieces

While freestanding pieces provide curb appeal to your bathroom, check your options, and find the best alternative if space won’t permit you to place one. To help you compensate with length, you can opt for a practical piece like a cloth hamper.

Include Mirrors, Plants, or Storages

Placing mirrors is a great option to help you expand a small bathroom. This not just increases the visual dimension of your bathroom but adds illumination to your space. Plants improve the overall appeal of your bathroom. 

Besides plants and mirrors, you may want to reconsider adding extra space like a countertop surface or hooks to hang clothes and towels.

Improve Bathroom Size With The Right Color

Choosing the right color for your bathroom interior affects its visibility and size. Light or white color fixtures and paints can expand the size of your bathroom. At the same time, darker colors make your room smaller.


Bathrooms are the most renovated space compared to kitchens and other rooms around the house. While space is tighter, fixing it is more comfortable but can be costly at times. With the expert tips from companies like Marco Island Home Remodeling and the advice mentioned above, you can transform your ordinary shower and bathroom into a luxuriously relaxing and generous space in no time.

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