Basics To Know About Septic Tanks

A septic tank hotline is available to assist residents with any problems they may encounter with their septic systems, everyone can check it out at As you probably already know, every house has to have a drainage system. This is a place where wastewater goes, along with sewage. It may not be something you gladly talk about, but you do have to know because there is a maintenance process you have to go through. So, here is a little guide on how it all works, and how to know when to empty your tank.

A septic tank is an underground container mostly made of concrete. It has two pipes, one that brings the wastewater in, and one that gets it out. In this pipe, the waste is separated, and the liquid drains away easily. As you would imagine, a lot of toxins and bacteria accumulate in here, which is why cleaning and emptying are necessary. This should be done at least once a year if the tank is smaller, and the whole point is to use antibacterial substances that kill all the bacteria. One of the commonest problems is a blockage in the sewer system, due to waste build-up. If this happens, you can have overflowes in your yard where the exit is, or even worse in your home. This is why, you should have a cleaning routine, and never miss it. Call a company once a year to pump the septic tank, and the system will not clog. Aside from this, there are many more ways you can lessen your waste water amount, and your drainage system will work easier. Some of the tips are getting a washing machine that fits your load needs, and also spreading the few washes you have on the whole week because if you do it in one day it can affect your septic system.


Another very important thing is how you use your toilet. Make sure not to throw sanitary pads, wet wipes, cigarettes, and even cat litter in there because, over time, the chances of clogging the whole system will get higher. This also goes for your sink where you shouldn’t spill cooking oil, leftover crumbs, and parts of food. If you are a homeowner, chances are you want to plant trees in your yard. Do this a bit further from where the septic tank is because the roots can damage the system as well. Another thing to keep on your mind is not to park over your septic tank. The weight of the car can cause a collapse if there is damage that you can’t see, so, pick another spot for that. It is worth mentioning that you shouldn’t build anything atop as well, and don’t cover it with concrete because every time something happens you will have to break it and make an even bigger mess.

As you can see, a clogged drainage system can cause many other issues, which are, to say the least uncomfortable. However, the maintenance is not as hard. If you follow the advice listed above for daily use and have the system pumped at least once a year, you should not expect any bigger problems.

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