Awesome Ways to Use a Gazebo

A gazebo has many definitions and uses but to put it simply; it is a freestanding, open structure. A gazebo has a roof and can either be hexagonal, round, square or octagonal. Most gazebos are constructed of wood or light metal and have built-in seating.

Beautiful latticework or even outdoor drapery is often used to finish off a gazebo’s look and give it a feel of privacy. A gazebo can serve as a focal point and come in permanently roofed gazebos and amazingly handy soft top ones of which you can learn more. Let us look at a few exciting ways to put your gazebo to use.

  • Outdoor Dining

A great gazebo gives you a perfect spot to enjoy your meals out in the fresh air almost year-round. Perfect for warm summer evenings or sunny afternoons, you can enjoy everything from cocktails to al fresco dining under your gazebo.
Outdoor Dining

Gazebos of whatever shape and size make any gathering special. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the joys of outdoor living while still having a shelter over your head? Rain or shine, a gazebo will always be a great alternative to the traditional indoor dining.

  • Entertainment

In addition to being a great dining spot within your home, a gazebo is also an excellent garden structure for intimate evenings and gatherings. They are an ideal outdoor living place where you can entertain friends and family all from the comfort of your home.

  • Hot tub/ Jacuzzi Gazebo

When you have an outdoor Jacuzzi or hot tub, the right sized gazebo gives you just the right amount of privacy and protection from the elements. This protection allows you to enjoy the experience better. It is vital to make sure that you have the right base. Size matters too, when using a gazebo for this type of application.

  • Wedding Gazebo

Wedding Gazebo
There is just something special about a garden wedding. All you need are beautiful grounds, seated guests, and a beautiful white gazebo for an unforgettable wedding ceremony: that and the loving couple, of course.

  • Playhouse

Not just for adults, a gazebo can be an excellent spot for kids too. When you would like to get them out of the house and away from all those electronic gadgets, a gazebo can come in handy whatever the weather. Appealing décor, a couple of tables and chairs as well as some of their favorite toys and books will keep them occupied for hours.

  • Storage

A gazebo can even go beyond just fun and games. This versatile little structure is also usable as a temporary storage solution for household or office furniture. On occasions where renovation, fumigation or remodeling is being carried out, and you want furniture out of the way for a while, a gazebo offers the perfect solution.

Final Thoughts

A Gazebo is quite literally the perfect addition to any open space. Beautiful and versatile, Gazebos create relaxed atmospheres and add value to any property where they are put up. Gazebos were traditionally associated with being poolside features. Understandably so, as they made practical sense.
They have however gone on to be suitable for a much more extensive range of uses.

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