Award Winning Modern Architect By Bates Masi In New York

Painters, actors, designers and even architects all have the sublime goal of being recognized for their works and achievements. Any modern architect aims to get a trophy for a building or structure that he has built. And Bates Masi had succeeded in reaching this objective.

A Modern Architect & His Award Winning Project

Bates Masi is an owner of a full-service architectural firm. He employs associates and his firm is rooted in New York and Long Island. The more than 45 years of building and structure designing earned for his firm a total of 43 design awards. His award winning projects had been documented in various home design magazines and international publications.

Bates Masi adopts a multi-tasking principle. He does not only apply this to his lifestyle but also in all his construction projects. What he may have done with an award winning project is enabling the constructed structure offer multiple activities simultaneously. There could be a dinner party in the house where a children party can be done in the same home at the same time. Guests in both parties can just walk around the house without disturbing the other group.

room divider fireplace

bathroom design with natural sea view

Beautiful Exterior and Garden Design Kit House In Amagansett NY

Romantic Bathroom Design in Robins Way Residence

Robins Way Residence by Bates Masi Architects

modern outdoor fireplace designs

The Design Leading To The Award

His best project which can be seen in various internet photos is a house labeled as “Sam’s Creek” whose location is at Bridge Hampton, New York. The design is basically open-ended boxes and the architectural lay-out has a view to the landscape at the house’s rear. Each of the open-ended boxes has its own video, audio and climate control that functions on its own. The length, height and volume of each box are adjustable appropriately for its purpose. The materials are carefully chosen mahogany boards used in the walls and ceiling. In between the boxes are interstitial spaces for gardens and patios. The different boxes are for the multi-tasking functionality of the architectural building.

The facade of the building indeed depicts the persona of a modern architect. The extensive use of glass panels both in the first and second store accounted for a transparent interior where one immediately sees the furniture and internal lay out. Travertine is used for the flooring of the terrace; this is also used for cladding some parts of the open-ended boxes. A modern architect concept of using extensive wood is another noticeable character of this award winning house. The stairs and walls as well as some flooring have wood materials.

wood slat wall and Staircase Design

Bathroom Desgin By Wooden Inspiration

modern bathroom design

indoor outdoor rooms

bates masi architects Exterior and Pool Design

beautiful small houses in the world

The Philosophy of Bates Masi’s Architecture

The modern architect design that is used by Bates Masi shows his architectural philosophy. His focus may not really be on the size and type of the structure rather on the multitasking service. He aims to enhance the lives of his clients giving special attention to the beauty of environment. The beauty of nature surrounding the “Sam’s Creek” project is showcased.

In every award winning modern architect project completed by Bates Masi, you will witness the firm’s philosophy. He sees to it the all the essential elements of contemporary design is evident. His projects are not limited as he does construction in both urban and rural setting and structure are homes, schools, office buildings, restaurants and others. And hiring the firm, your construction investment can later boast of award.

wooden walls House Design In New York Noyack Creek Farm By Bates Masi Architects

pendant lighting living room

Summertime Casual Lifestyle Home

Bedroom glass house design

bath with a view

61 Startop Drive in Montauk, Hamptons

bates masi architects Genius Loci

Wooden Dining Chair Design

Beautiful Staircase Design in Far Pond By Bates Masi Architects

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