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Asbestos not only Ruins Your Structure’s Aesthetic Appearance but also Your Health

In particular, the usage of asbestos sheets in your structure ruins the aesthetic appearance of your structure and not stopping with that it also poses some serious health issues to its inhabitants. If your structure is nearly three decades old then possibly you will have no idea as to where this harmful substance might be used in your structure, because up until the late twentieth century many building material used the assistance of asbestos in them.

Why to worry over damaged asbestos materials in your:

damaged asbestos materials in your

It is a cancer causing fiber. The environmental protection agency (EPA) has banned certain uses of the fiber but few other remains legal. The EPA is also said to be planning to inflict further more restriction on the use of the fiber. Asbestos removalfrom your structures has become a serious thing to consider about before it’s too late.

Is it really so sensitive and dangerous?

so sensitive and dangerous
When in a good condition these asbestos containing materials do not have or pose any harmful threat to the inhabitants. It is only when the material gets to the old damaged state; it inflicts its hazardous characteristics on the residents. Inflicting of health risks on inhabitants is generally high when they have deteriorated or damaged. So you must have a careful eye on the asbestos containing materials and make sure that they are really safe for the people that you love the most.

Structures that has high usage of this fiber:

asbestos fiber
If your structure is erected during the epoch of 1970’s then it is quite safe to presume that your structure will have some sort of the fiber involvement. This is because during those epochs many building material used this fiber in them. So probably your building will have some part on this fiber in them.

Health issues caused due to this material:

This is a naturally occurring fibrous silicate mineral. During the damaged state it emits a dust with asbestos fiber; intake of this dust by breathing is where the trouble lies. Breathing this dust may result in respiratory illness like lung cancer, mesothelioma and it may also cause asbestosis and pleural plaques. By knowing the health risks that this fiber posses the Australian government has stopped the mining of this mineral.

Where the higher risk lies at?

Where the higher risk of asbestos fiber
This fiber does not pose any threat until they are disturbed or deteriorated. But when you have planned for renovating your structure they will have to be disturbed when disturbed they produce almost invisible fibers. When these fibers are inhaled it results in various health issues. So when you have decided to replace the asbestos related materials in your home it is sensible to seek the support of the professionals.

Things to make sure when replacing this fiber:

  • Wear a disposal suit or at least a nose mask
  • Try to remove or replace them without causing much damage to them
  • Once the work is completed have a shower
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