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Artificial Grass: The Different Types of Turf to Suit a Small Garden

Artificial Grass: The Different Types of Turf to Suit a Small Garden

Are you the homeowner of a property with a small garden? If so, would you like to install artificial turf in your garden?

Consequently, the question that needs to be asked and answered is whether there are there different types of artificial grass that are particularly suited to a small garden?

By way of answering this question, let’s consider the following points:

What is artificial turf?

Artificial turf, manufactured by Realturf, is defined as a mat of synthetic fibers that resemble real grass. These artificial grass mats installed on a prepared, level bed of soil, with a weed preventative sheeting placed on top of the level bed of soil.

2018 statistics show that the “global artificial turf market size was estimated at USD 2.6 billion,” and it is “expected to expand at a CAGR [(Compound Annual Growth Rate)] of 5.4% from 2019 to 2025.”

Synthetic grass is an ideal covering for a small garden as it is maintenance-free, looks good, imitates real grass, and, if installed correctly, does not need weeding.


The different types of artificial grass

Now that we have an understanding of what artificial grass is, let’s look at the different types of synthetic turf. It is important to note that the different artificial grass types are classified according to their pile height. Succinctly stated, there are three different pile heights or lengths. Before we consider each type, let’s describe the term “pile height” in relation to the synthetic lawn.

Essentially, the pile height is the length of the grass fibers measured in millimeters from the backing to the tip of each grass strand. Pile heights start at about 10mm and end at circa 80mm. The very short and very long grass pile heights tend to be used for sports applications. Most domestic lawn pile lengths range from 25mm to 60mm.


High pile

The high pile grass type has grass strands of between about 45mm and 60mm. It is designed for areas with moderate traffic. Additionally, it is created with user comfort in mind.  Finally, these fibers simulate natural grass perfectly. High pile grass types work well when placed around swimming pool areas, and high-end landscaped gardens.

Medium pile

The medium pile height ranges from 35mm to 45mm. Artificial grass types with a medium pile height are hard-wearing. And, they are designed for areas where there are high volumes of traffic. The grass mats also have what is known as a high-stitch rate. In other words, everything about a medium pile artificial lawn says hard-wearing and durable.

Low pile

The low pile artificial lawn’s grass strands measure between 20mm and 35mm. This synthetic turf is developed for intense use, and it is extremely hard-wearing, tough, and weather-resistant. It is characterized by its intense resistance to damage. And, it is designed for areas like commercial areas, terraces, balconies, and high-traffic pet areas.

Final thoughts

Artificial grass is the way to go, should you require a maintenance-free garden. Apart from ensuring that the lawn is correctly installed, all you need to do is rake or brush the leaves and other dirt off the lawn a couple of times a week.

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