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Are Painted Cabinets Just a Fad?

Are Painted Cabinets Just a Fad?

If you decide to paint your kitchen cabinet, will it be the right decision? Will it enhance the value of your house in any way, or will it decrease it?

Cabinet painting is a trend that has been in existence for years. Having your kitchen cabinets painted is no waste of time and money. It can only become a fad if you don’t choose the right color for the job. Over the years, the cabinet painting trend has evolved from common colors to when you can mix different mix of colors.

If you are not sure about the colors to choose for your new house, then you can go for white, which has been timeless in cabinetry.

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Is painting the kitchen cabinets the right choice?

Painting your kitchen cabinet is the right choice as it helps to enhance your home’s look and value.

But the answer to whether it is the right decision or not depends on various factors.

For instance, do you like your kitchen layout? If you don’t like how your kitchen looks or is arranged, the painting may not do so much to its value. Although it may change how you view the layout, it may not change a lot.

As you buy or build a new house, ensure you go for a kitchen layout that you like and then enhance the look with some painting.

Some styles of cabinet doors will also come out better with paint than others.

How economical you want to be will also affect how your cabinet color looks like. Cheap colors may not offer the best finishing.

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If I paint the kitchen cabinets, will it affect the value of the house?

If you are into real estate or want to sell your house, you should be careful about how you paint the cabinets.

When clients come to see the house, they want a guarantee that they’ll get value for their money. As such, if you go for cheap colors, the kitchen may not look as attractive. The potential buyer may be apprehensive of spending more money on upgrading the kitchen after buying the house.

A professionally painted cabinet combined with other high-quality kitchen cabinets enhances the value of your house.

Choice of kitchen colors

Your choice of kitchen color can determine if your cabinet painting is a fad or not. Some of the most timeless colors include white and gray.


White is popular in kitchen cabinet painting because of its universality. The color can go with any kitchen cabinets style, including modern, European, country, or contemporary styles.

It also matches most of the other appliances in your kitchen, making it a fit for every home. The color is also famous for it matches with most countertops, including brown ones.


Gray has also gained popularity over the years as one of the best colors for your kitchen cabinets.

It stands out as it has a longer lifespan than other colors. You can combine it with different countertops, including marble and white tiles.

Color customization

Homeowners no longer want to be ordinary. Everyone wants to stand out and add personal touches to their house.

A unique color for your kitchen cabinets will help you stand out from the crowd and match your other kitchen appliances.

Instead of the common colors for kitchen cabinetry, homeowners now prefer customized colors that fit their unique kitchen layout.

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The most favorite customization colors at the moment are neutral colors that can come with shades of yellow, gray, and soft greens. Some darker colors also make excellent options for color customization. You can go for navy, black, among others.

Among the colors you can choose for your color customization include light, medium, and dark.

Light colors are popular for their simplicity, and they also look clean. Light colors are suitable for complementing other kitchen elements, and they offer a unique style.

Medium colors also make a good option for color customization. The most common medium colors include shades of blue, gray, and you can also have yellow.

The dark colors category is popular for kitchen cabinets as they are bold; they create drama and a feeling of luxury. Their popularity as colors for kitchen cabinets cannot match that of light and medium categories. The dark colors include navy blue, black, and green.

Homeowners are looking for the uniqueness that stands out and also fits their specific kitchen layouts. If you want to renovate and customize your kitchen cabinets, it would be best to get a professional sprayer to get a professional job.


Painting kitchen cabinets is not a fad. However, you need to ensure you get the right colors for the job to ensure you get the right colors. Having the right colors for your kitchen cabinets also enhances your home’s value. 

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