Are Grey Laminates Too Dreary for Your Home?

Many people love the aesthetic grey floors can bring their home. With grey laminated flooring, you can achieve a stylish effect which many will be envious of. However, there are many who also think that grey laminates are a little too dreary for the home. Are they right for you? Let’s take a look at why they might work for you.

The Perfect Neutral

You should always include several neutrals in your home to help you balance the other colours you wish to use. Many people find that white is too clean and clinical, whereas black is not warm enough. Using wood tones is an option but it can be hard to balance across all of your furniture. You also have to stick to one shade of wood or risk having too many clashing neutrals.
The Perfect Neutral

Grey is a great tone to choose instead. It is not as clinical as other colours and it is easy to match with other colours. You can even mix and match greys for a great monochromatic palette.

Difficult to Overuse

One of the only ways to overuse grey in your home is to use it everywhere. However, this is much the same as any colour. If you were to decorate your home entirely in green, it would quickly become over-powering.

However, since grey comes in so many different shades, you will be able to carefully use it around your home. Decorating your entire house in grey might be a little much, but the range of colour you can get here can be amazing.

Readily Available

From paint to grey laminated flooring to furniture, you will not have any trouble tracking down grey items for your home. It is one of the most popular colours of the moment, meaning you will be able to find things for your home in this colour no matter what.

From your kitchen to your garden, you will be able to the perfect grey items. What’s more, you can choose your greys in many different materials and finishes. Will you go with shiny chrome fittings or would you rather stick with grey slate floors? No matter how you want to use your grey, there will always be options you can draw from.
Readily Available

Many Colour Combinations

Since grey is the perfect neutral, this also means that it can be combined with many different colour combinations. Whether you want something warm with lemon yellow and heathery purple or you would rather go icy with blues and whites, you can combine greys with your ideal colour palette. No matter what your personal style preference is, you won’t have any issues finding a grey which slots right in.

So, is grey too dreary for your home? It ultimately all comes down to how you choose to use it. If you want to stick to cold monochromes then it might be a little dreary and unwelcome. However, when sprinkled around with the right accent colours and other tricks, you will soon find that grey will be a very welcome part of your home’s colour palette.
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