Are Expensive Home Improvements Affordable? How?

Home improvement is something that all of us want to do, but probably not all of us are able to do it. Why?

Before that, let’s discuss a but about this. Home improvement is easy to define because of the self defining term it is, improving your home. Home improvement can both be internal and external. There maybe some electrical wiring problems, or water and sewage problems. You may want to fix them; or it is not even necessary that these things have to be broken in order to repair them, you simple may just want to re-do them after a certain period of time for safety reasons and this is what we call internal home improvement. And when we probably change the designs of the house, or paint the house and change the scene of the house, or maybe change some furniture or things like these,  this is what we call external home improvement.

To be very honest, everyone has their dream house. Every single person dream that one day they will have a house like this or like that. But most of them cannot always have that sorts of house. Or at least, rarely a few people are there who can afford that dream house from the very beginning. Most of the time they start with a normal house and then gradually they upgrade it towards their dream house. Therefor, this actually justifies that home improvement is done most of the time for the sake of pursuing dream house.


Let’s face this. At the very beginning, we said that probably not all of us are able to do it. And the reason is – the expenses. Yes, most of the time the home improvements people need to do in order to getting their dream house are really expensive. If we speak about the stats, it will give us an idea. If you want to remodel a 1,000 square feet house, the estimated range is between USD 10,000-60,000. Well most of the time the average cost of a 1,000 sq feet house remodeling is USD 19,000. If you want to remodel a 2,500 sq feet house, the average cost will be USD 62,000. The lower limit of the range is thought to be USD 25000 whereas the upper limit may touch USD 150,000. Well, these costs do depend on factors like house location, materials, size, the agency you are going to etc. This apparently was a glance about hos far it can go.

Now, in order to get this much money, most of the people will go for loans (well, this actually is the most common solution). People may go for home improvement loans, home equity loans, government loans, HELOCs etc. But to be very honest, if you take loan for this huge amount of money and get your dream house, you still probably will not live in peace because another burden will come on you for paying these loans back in time with interest. The best way can be investing or doing businesses. I mean, investment is probably the best way to get lots of money for home improvement indeed. Trading in foreign exchange market (FOREX) will give you an extra edge than others. The best part about it is you can do all these trading online e.g. trading italia online. You don’t need to go out of the house for making this much money. How cool is that?

So, the very first thing we talked about is that not all of us afford to do this home improvement. But we may end this my saying that, if we certainly go for investment or businesses like FOREX trading or others, the dream house probably is just a few steps away from you.

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