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A set of technical skills and a creative mind is what it needs for creating stunning Interior Design.  Learning to create something that measures up is all it takes. To make It exceptional, the very basics of design need to be sophisticated, technical and yet crazily creative.  Moreover, it should be complex enough to meet the demanding needs of prospects. By saying meeting needs, we are not limiting the content only to aesthetical. No, we are also adding terms of accessibility, sustainability and even safety.

The creation of captivating Interior Design is on hands as it can only be delivered with faculties working in the respective industry. As the industry provides professional technology for exploring the process of adding life to workplaces and design living spaces. Going to fundamentals, is just like drawing and perspective that is further combined with computer aided drafting and designing.

Only with such combinations, the provision of uncompromised and authentic service can be guaranteed. The professional touch makes sure that the final draft meets all the needs of the client while you can choose the level of involvement that suits well with you.  The first point of Interior Design is always fact finding; this means learning about the client and their taste. Next, it is crucial that you pay very close attention to key design elements of what you are going to work your magic on.  This helps the client to show their personality in the design and make them feel like they are home.

Continuing with such traditions, as a designer, you need to come up with fresh ideas from time to time. This is only possible if you continuously keep inspiring yourself with eye-catching Interior Design. To help you get started, following we are providing you a bunch of well-crafted designs by none other than Victoria Hagan.

Victoria Hagan Interiors has long been respected for the intelligent integration of architecture and interior design. Her design philosophy features a refined use of materials, sophisticated color, and strong silhouettes.

Victoria Hagan

Since founding her firm over 20 years ago, Victoria has designed an extensive number of versatile projects throughout the country, from the most elegant urban residences to casual weekend retreats, noted residential developments, and innovative corporate interiors.

In 2002, she launched an eponymous line of furniture and fabric sold through designer showrooms throughout the country. She was named Furniture Designer of the Year by Elle Décor in 2006.

In December 2004, Victoria Hagan was inducted into the Interior Design Hall of Fame. In addition, she has been awarded many of the country’s top design honors, including Architectural Digest’s “Top 100”.

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Victoria is a frequent guest speaker on design issues throughout the country, and Rizzoli recently published her first book, Victoria Hagan: Interior Portraits.

Designers used rich celadon colors in the living room of a New Jersey home. The octagonal table is antique

The double height hall of a New Jersey home is grounded by an interior room paneled in yellow cypress

Light floods through dormer windows into the double-height stair hall of an 8000 square foot Nantucket home

The guest wing of a New Jersey home is centered on the pool terrace

A Greenwich, Connecticut, master bedroom designed by Victoria Hagan

A casual Nantucket dining room reflects the owners style of entertaining

In an understated Nantucket master bedroom

An alabaster light fixture crowns the master bath in an 8000 square-foot

To maximize the light and views in the contemporary kitchen

The heart of the first floor in a western New Jersey cottage is the living room

Designer Victoria Hagans carpet and fabric selections in the master suites sitting area

In one of the childrens bedrooms as throughout a western New Jersey cottage

Victoria Hagan designed the serene living room of a Connecticut house redone by architect Allan Greenberg.

The terrace off the library

There is a soft play of patterns in the family room

Beach Living Room by Victoria Hagan Interiors

The floor, stairs, and beadboard paneling in the hall

Beach Childrens Room

Custom made cabinetry vintage Italian pendant lights in the kitchen

Beach Dining Room

Parchment panels cover the walls of the living room

Beach Bedroom in Marthas Vineyard, Massachusetts

A Knoll Ultrasuede sheathes the master bedroom

Modern Kitchen by Victoria Hagan Interiors

Modern Kitchen

Modern Dining Room by Victoria Hagan Interiors and Peter Pennoyer Architects in New York, NY

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