What Is The Right Decor Style For You?


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Home decor books, magazines and blogs are filled with interiors that look so effortlessly chic and stylish. When you start designing your own home though, the things don’t look so bright anymore. Going into interior design light-heartedly is a major mistake for many home owners. Simply positioning different items and appliances around your home will get you nowhere. How can you recreate the amazing look that professionals achieve? The answer is simple – you need to find your own personal style.

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Figuring out what you like and what works for your particular layout is overwhelming. Once you discover your unique decor style, it will be easier to identify what clicks with your place. Here are some essential home decor types. Think what you like about those styles. Don’t worry if you settled for more than one look. Since you have various preferences, it’s completely natural to like different things.

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The style is usually associated with free – spirited and artistic individuals. The bohemian look incorporates colourful collections, unconventional displays, many and eclectic accessories. The term is derived from the French word for “gypsy” but it also reminds of the hippie movement. The style is expressed through the individual’s personality. If you are into organizing and domestic cleaning, this trend may be too much for you. However, if you want to add unique aesthetics to your place, then go for bohemian.

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Do you adore simple, modern and smart look? Does your heart trembles every time you see a sleek clean –lined sofa? You hate cramped spaces? Home cleaning and de – cluttering are your way to keep your place at top shape? Then you are definitely a contemporary design lover. Don’t imagine cold and harsh look. This is a neutral style that integrates a “less is more” mentality. Visual clutter is taken to the bare minimum to ensure a lot of open space. Cleaning out the unnecessary from the decor is vital. The predominant shades are white, grey, beige and black.

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Homey and charming, cottage is ideal for the individuals who appreciate the simple things in life. The style slightly resembles of the fairytale – like homes. They are full of different treasures. The items in cottage design may look a little bit mismatched, but this is what gives the special feel of this style. If you are into rustic furniture, comfort, gorgeous greenery and eclectic blend of tones don’t hesitate to turn your place into a warm a cosy home.

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This is probably one of the most popular styles, because it is edgy and slightly inexpensive to achieve. It is artistic, modern, simple, vintage and cheerful at the same time. It combines structure and clean lines with colour and creativity. Have a busy schedule? Home cleaning will not be a problem. The design can be found in the urban homes of young people with active lifestyle, but who also enjoy the pleasures in lif

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Traditional Style

If all you want from your home is warmth, comfort, familiarity and order, then strive for traditional design. The style offers timeless classic and balanced atmosphere. You can never go wrong with traditional style.

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