An Easy Napa Cabbage Slaw Recipe to Try

Preparing good food can be a joy, especially if you are cooking for your family. Here, you can come up with different approaches to make your food delicious and welcoming to friends, family, and other guests. Napa is a type of cabbage commonly found in Asia. Many consider it nutritious and easy to make for any occasion. This way, you will save time when cooking and have the best meal as a result. You can follow many recipes, depending on the type of food you want or the amount. Napa cabbage does not require you to blend it with many spices or ingredients for it to be perfect. Here is an easy Napa cabbage slaw recipe to try:

1) Slice the Napa Cabbage

Slice the Napa Cabbage

Napa cabbage is similar to the ordinary cabbage but with a different method of preparing. This is because they have different conditions necessary for growth. You can get Napa cabbage from Hitchcock Farms where they provide the best quality of this product. Before you start preparing the Napa cabbage, you are required to shred it into small slices. Once you have done that, wash them thoroughly to ensure that you get rid of any unwanted taste. Slicing the Napa cabbage helps it to have a soft taste and prepare fast.

2) Carrots

For food to be considered good, it should be healthy and tasty. In this case, to add taste and nutrients, you can use carrots with the Napa cabbage. You can slice them into small slides then add them to the bowl that contains the shredded cabbage. Mix them well to make the right proportions. Depending on the amount of food you require, you can use three carrots for a standard meal. You can also use cucumbers together with the carrots to add nutrients and taste to your meal. This way, your Napa cabbage slaw will be well balanced and delicious.

3) Flavors

This should be executed in a separate bowl so that they can be well mixed. The type of flavors that you may require here are vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, ginger, sugar, salt, and, if possible, pepper. Every flavor plays an important role when it comes to Napa cabbage slaw. Pepper and salt are meant to season the mixture. Garlic and ginger are intended to give the food an excellent taste and eliminate any odor present. Here you require mixing the solution thoroughly before pouring in the Napa cabbage. Once you are done, toss the solution in the same bowl gently before serving.

4) Seasoning

To any slaw that you are, preparing you should always consider seasoning for it to have an excellent natural taste. In napa cabbage, you can season using salt and pepper. This should be done before you serve. Once you have seasoned, you can serve right away to ensure that the cabbage does not wilt down and maintain the freshness. Others can take up to 30 minutes after seasoning, depending on the flavors that you have used in the meal.

If you were not serving it right away, it would be best if you kept it in cold temperatures like in the fridge.

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