All You Need to Know About Teflon, The Household Name



It is hard to imagine a kitchen without a Teflon coating in at least a couple of cookware utensils. This, in a nutshell, sums up the outstanding popularity of Teflon in a range of applications. However, a large number of people are unaware that the coatings are not limited to just cookware. The coatings are used extensively in many applications in industries and products that require critical qualities, including extreme temperature. Here is a good look at the ubiquitous Teflon coatings that are indispensable in many applications.

The Workings Of The Coating

The Workings Of The Coating

Teflon is the name given to PTFE Coatings which possesses non-stick and non-friction qualities, in addition to dielectric properties. It gets its water resistance from because of its very high molecular weight, comprising carbon and fluorine. The water-resistant qualities and lower coefficient of friction make it a superior product ideal for use in multiple applications. The product is used extensively in computers and aircraft because of its properties, but a large number of people are unaware of this, considering it as a product that is used for coating cookware alone. The high melting temperature makes it the best material to withstand very high temperatures.

Permits Smoother Flow Of Liquids

Permits Smoother Flow Of Liquids
Another critical application of the coating is its use in lining the inside of pipes that carry fuels. It is also used to line the inside of hydraulic lines. One of the reasons for the choice of the coatings is the fact that fuel tends to move slowly in locations that experience extreme cold climatic conditions. Teflon coated pipes help the fluids and fuel to move along smoothly. Its non-stick property comes in most handy to reduce friction and enable faster movement of fluids and liquids. This is critical in processes where the movement needs to be unhindered and is a matter of routine.

Non Corrosive Nature Increases Durability Of Coated Surface

Increases Durability Of Coated Surface
Oxidization and corrosion account for shortened durability of surfaces. Teflon coated surfaces acquire a noncorrosive quality, and this ensures that the coated surfaces get longer durability. Pipes and all surfaces that are coated with Teflon withstand the effects of oxidization and corrosion, thereby ensuring that the surfaces have a longer life. This is especially useful in processes where chemicals and substances come in contact with the surfaces. As the coated surfaces acquire non-corrosive qualities, they are better equipped to deal with the different chemical reactions that occur, without the surface or the substance experiencing any impact.

Teflon is a patented coating of DuPont and is a registered trademark. DuPont licenses companies that have the right kind of expertise, experience, and infrastructure to apply the coatings to different surfaces. Some of the more reputed companies possess the expertise to help end users understand more about the specific coating requirement that would be suitable for a product or an industrial application. Industries need to look for reliable and licensed companies to meet their needs of Teflon coatings for products and applications.

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