All You Need to Know About Buying or Building Your Dream Home


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Real estate investment isn’t child’s play, especially for first-timers. It can be challenging and, most times, risky due to its high competitiveness and stringent regulations. Notwithstanding, the journey into your next property investment should begin with peace of mind.

You want to get into the right home at your preferred time and at an affordable price without wondering whether you have  enough cash or whether you qualify for a mortgage loan. The lengthy process of loan applications with different lenders can be tiring and confusing. We’ve come up with all you need to know when deciding whether you want to build or buy a house. Read to the end!

To Buy or Build a House? 

People often ask questions, such as is it cheaper to build or buy a house, and which one has more profitability in the long run. The truth is, it all depends on your view about homeownership and several factors like location, price, market trends, and property taxes. It’s necessary to consider these factors properly to ensure you make the right decision. 

There’s  also the daunting task of deciding whether to pay up in cash or access loans with mortgage payments. 

These benefits of utilizing a mortgage to buy properties include opportunity costs and the ability to grow wealth using leverage, ancillary credit, and tax benefits. Suppose you want to begin the home buying process but are limited by funds, consider visiting at for available loan offers to help you achieve your dream. 

Why Do People Need Mortgage Loans?

The price of a home is often far greater than the amount of money that most households save. Mortgage loans are a type of loan that allows individuals to purchase a home by putting down a small downpayment, such as 20% of the purchase price. The property’s value then secures the loan in case the borrower defaults. Mortgage loans from are a great way for people to purchase a home without having to save up a large amount of money for a down payment.

Why Should You Consider Getting a Mortgage?

Even if you’re financially buoyant, you might be asking “is it better to buy a house or build one? It depends on available funds. The good news is that there are many loan options available for you. Some of the benefits of utilizing mortgage loans to purchase a real estate property include:

1. Leveraging on Your Debts

If you’ve been asking “is it cheaper to build or buy a house?” By now, you already have the answer. According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost to build a house in 2022 is $282,299 as of February.

Here’s the breakdown of this average cost: 

  • Buying and prepping the land = ($80,000)
  • Drawing up plans and getting permits = ($7,200)
  • Prepping and building the foundation = ($14,500)
  • Framing the home = ($35,000)
  • Installing external elements = ($50,000)
  • Plumbing and electrical installations = ($52,500)
  • Adding interior finishes = ($112,500)
  • Final additions such as building a driveway and fencing the yard = ($20,000)

By the time you’re done building your dream home, you might not even have enough to feed yourself.

But let’s say you decide to buy a house for $250,000 today, for example, with a down payment of $50,000 or less, and you can pay it back at a competitive fixed rate during the next 30 years.

Suppose the increase in your property value is nominal and barely keeps up with inflation, rising a mere 3.5 percent per year, you’ll still make back your down payment in less than six years.

If it rises 5 percent per year, which is considered rather mediocre for other types of investments, such as stocks, you’ll make your $50k back in less than four years.

Therefore, if you take out a mortgage for all or a portion of your home purchase, that leaves you with significant cash savings, which you could invest elsewhere for a return while taking advantage of the relatively low-interest rates on your mortgage loans. You can also get loans for home improvement.

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2. Improvement of Your Credit Score

While it’s not the quickest method for building credit, having a mortgage and making timely payments will also help your credit card score in the long run. The credit payment agencies generally prefer a greater diversity of debts. 

Home loans are usually treated as an effective form of debt that improves a borrower’s credit profile. While it may only be a few points in the short run, after several years, not having a mortgage could mean a lost opportunity to boost your credit significantly.

3. Tax Deduction Advantages

Finally, mortgage debt has the advantage of being tax-deductible. Home buying married couples can generally write off mortgage interest on their taxes up to a maximum of $750,000, or $375,000.

 Although the write-off isn’t as lucrative as it has been in previous years, it still represents a significant benefit for the portion of homeowners with outstanding mortgages.

How Do I Get a Mortgage Loan?

The first step is to estimate what you can realistically afford to pay before you apply for mortgage loans, including evaluating the upfront and ongoing costs, the main costs to build or buy first home and monthly mortgage payments. 

The next step is to find  suitable mortgage lenders that will help you find the perfect mortgage loans by offering you solutions that match your financial situation with your investment goals. Choosing the riight lender will help you save time and money and simultaneously avoid the disappointment of not getting the property you desire.

With so many financial institutions in the market and even more stringent borrowing guidelines and scrutiny, it’s hard to know where to start looking for loans. There are options for getting a mortgage loan, such as credit unions, banks, specific lenders, online lenders, or mortgage brokers. However, their rates are usually high and sometimes so overwhelming.


These are some helpful tips to help you understand why it’s necessary to get the right mortgage lenders and how to go about finding one. Knowing these tips before approaching mortgage lenders will enable you to make better buying decisions. 

Answering the question, is it cheaper to build or buy a house is necessary before going to mortgage lenders. If you’re buying, it’s essential to make a list of what you want from your dream home.  On the other hand, if you’re building, let your mortgage lender know what you want.

Getting an excellent and affordable mortgage loan isn’t that complex. Just trust your instincts and go with the right experienced experts.

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