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4 Family-Friendly Dog Breeds That Are Easiest To Train

There are countless purported benefits to having a dog as an additional family member. Children who grow up with a furry companion are believed to learn how to get along with others, control their impulses, and feel good about themselves. Also, if you choose to have a pet dog, they’re always glad to see you when you come home and they’ll love you no matter what. In short, there’s no better companion for a household than a loyal dog. 

However, deciding on what dog breed your family needs is never easy. Many breeds of dogs can be terrific pets, yet they must be well-trained and friendly to children and other animals. But how do you know which breed is right for you and your family?  

Here are four dog breeds that are excellent for families because of their innate dog obedience and other similar desirable canine characteristics:

  • German Shepherd

A German Shepherd can make the perfect family pet. Their intelligence and adaptability allow them to fit into almost any lifestyle. And their loyalty to their masters ensures that they’ll always be there for their families. Dogs of this breed are eager to please and are observant, so they can tell when you’re feeling down or happy and they’ll act accordingly.  

German Shepherds are excellent for children because of their playful and gentle nature. They will let kids pull, poke, and grab at them, as well as give them hugs and cuddles. They’re also very active and lively that even the most energetic child wouldn’t be able to keep up with them. 

As one of the most intelligent breeds, they can be trained easily. A strong herding instinct is still evident in the German Shepherd’s genetic imprint. So, it’s crucial for them to be active and occupied to avoid becoming bored. 

  • Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is the next dog breed on the list. It’s no secret that Golden Retrievers are loving, loyal, and affectionate dogs that make excellent family members. Furthermore, they’re a pleasure to be with and are pretty tolerant of mistakes made by their owners who are still learning the ropes. The Golden Retriever is a highly versatile dog that’ll fit your family’s way of life. 

Nonetheless, because of their dynamic nature, these dogs prefer two walks each day, a little running, and occasional games of fetch. Plus, they need a lot of toys to keep their chewing tendencies at bay. The Golden Retriever also has a reputation for being friendly to all people, including strangers. Although they do bark, the sound has a warmer feel to it instead of a frightening demeanor. 

Golden Retrievers are easy to train because they strive to please their owners. Yet it’s vital to be patient when training this breed because it’s said that they’re oftentimes sidetracked.  

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  • Schnauzer

Schnauzers are popular with many families because of their friendly dispositions and enthusiasm for life. Besides, they’re devoted companions eager to learn, keen to please, and enjoy being the center of attention. It’s rare for them to become angry, thanks to their kind and gentle nature. German-bred to hunt vermin, these dogs will cleanse your home of pests. 

This breed is well-known for its exceptional companionship and loyalty to its owners and other household members. Rather than being devoted to a single family member, they value others too. The Schnauzer is a good dog for kids because they’re very playful and tolerant. They also make excellent guard dogs, ready to warn anyone if someone breaks in and could hurt their family. 

Despite its reputation as an easy-to-train dog, the Schnauzer has a high degree of intelligence, energy, and prey-driven nature, making it easily distracted or recalcitrant. This way, it’s better if they’re given early socialization and positive reinforcement-based training. 

  • Poodle

Although a poodle may be too fancy-looking for families with little children, it possesses the highly sought-after attributes that make an outstanding family dog. Poodles are very active and like to play, making them a good choice for a dog that can keep up with kids who are always on the go. There’s no better dog for families with young children since they’re very patient, and their size allows them to handle rough play.  

Poodles are one of the most trainable and clever dog breeds. They’re agile and enjoy activities such as hunting. It’s another breed that is eager to please, so it’s a great dog to teach some cool tricks kids will surely enjoy.  


Having a dog as a family member is excellent in many ways. Children learn how to get along with people, manage their impulses, and have a positive self-image with a dog. Aside from that, dogs are loyal companions who are always happy to see you when you return home. In a nutshell, a dog is the best pet for a family. 

It’s never an easy decision to get a new dog for your family. Many dog breeds can be wonderful pets, but they must be well-trained and friendly toward family members and children. Additionally, you must prepare your living space to accommodate them. This list of the best dog breeds will help you narrow down your options and find the perfect fit for your family.

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