All You Need To Know About Bed Bugs

Have you felt something crawling on your skin while you’re asleep? It is most likely to be small, invisible, and creepy bed bugs. These tiny creatures can go easily unnoticed in the dark and can make your nights sleepless. What else comes with these sleepless nights? Skin allergies and rashes, itching, and indefinite anxiety till you are sure that the bed bugs have been exterminated. Dealing with these creatures can be exhausting and disturbing, and it becomes imperative to put an end to their terrifying presence.

If you feel there is a bed bugs infestation in your house, immediately look for Bed Bug Exterminator Los Angeles | Pest Control Extermination services. Here is all that you need to understand about bed bugs before it is too late to understand the severity of damage they can cause –

Almost Invisible Insects

Bed bugs are tiny insects that are mostly invisible. The small creatures are generally dark in color. The unfed bugs appear mostly mahogany, while the ones who have bitten someone will be much darker. Since they thrive at night in darker spots of the house, spotting a bed bug can be difficult. Their eggs are extremely small and barely visible to the naked eye. It is one of the main reasons why people delay in approaching exterminators.

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Where Are They Found?

Traditional ideas dictate that bed bugs are found in dirty and dusty homes. This is, however, a misconception. Bed bugs can be found wherever humans go. The key to their survival is our blood, and thus, they can creep into your mattresses, pillows, and beds and bite you! Even after loads of cleaning, it can take weeks to clear out these bugs as they can withstand chemicals for a considerable amount of time.

Spreads In Speed

One of the main reasons bed bugs can become uncontrollable very fast is the speed with which they infest a particular place. There are two main reasons for their immaculate spreading capacity –

  • Reproduction: Bed bugs, like most insects, reproduce at a very rapid rate. With female bugs laying almost five eggs in a day, it takes them no time to take over a room or even an apartment. With nymph bed bugs being equal to invisible, they can grow fast, and deducing their presence can be difficult.
  • Travelers: Bed bugs are travelers. They can spread to different places from a window, door, cracks, and any other possible way you can think of. One of the common ways in which they spread is by sticking on to bags and suitcases. Washing your clothes in hot water and vacuum cleaning travel bags are an effective way to prevent bed bug infestation after traveling


Bed Bug Bites

Bed bugs have unique parts that allow them to suck human blood easily. When they do so, you will get a bed bug bite. These bites can have different reactions depending on a person’s skin. However, the most common effect of such bites is red rashes, which itch a lot. Sometimes, these rashes are confused with regular mosquito bites, and people don’t heed it too much. A person with sensitive skin can even witness small red bumps on their skin due to bed bug bites.

Are They Dangerous?

Bed bugs are not threatening in terms of health hazards and diseases. At most, they can cause sleeplessness and irritation. The skin rashes and itching is also a significant effect leading to allergies. However, the mental toll it can take on a person can be harrowing. Without proper sleep and rest, you can feel tired, fatigued, and lose focus very often. It is essential to keep track of signs that can point to the infestation of bug bites. Seek immediate professional help from companies like Bed Bug Exterminator Los Angeles, even at the minutest sign.

Professionals Who Eliminate Infestations

People often don’t consider opting for professional treatment of bed bugs immediately. Many even go for home remedies like using bleach to clean up the house. But these solutions cannot reach the corners, cracks, crevices, and other hiding points of the bed bugs. Neither can we forget the ability of the bed bugs to withstand severe chemicals.

The best way to eliminate a bed bug infestation is to contact experienced and professional helpers like the Bed Bug Exterminator Los Angeles. From a thorough inspection of the house to a detailed consultation about the treatment, they provide you detailed information about the extermination process. By using environmentally safe products, they make sure not to bring harmful chemicals into your house. They guarantee a 100% extermination without you having to be involved and working hard throughout the process. You can contact them now or visit their website for more details.

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