5 Benefits of Insulated Glass

Double-glazed window or insulated window is a tight construction of two pieces of glass and air chamber, filled in with inert gas, in between. An air chamber plays the major role in enduring the units with their benefits. Inert gases have a lower thermal conductivity than air, since do not contain water molecules – a good heat conductor.

To benefit from the properties of insulated windows– we should make sure the constructions are kept tight. This is extremely important when you are searching for insulated glass repair service, which can be performed only by a trustworthy company. Apex Window Werks – a company working in this field for more than a decade, and recommended as experienced and reliable company to create a comfort living for its customers.

Over the past few years, double-pane windows have become very popular. This is not surprising, since they have a number of advantages. They perfectly protect the building from cold, noise and dust, are environment-friendly and retain their excellent appearance for a long time. In addition, they easily fit into any interior and exterior because they are available in different architectural designs. This type of windows was designed to provide better thermal insulation, but it can offer much more. There are numerous benefits insulated glass can give, but let us take a brief view on at least 5 of them:

Cost effective and energy saving

Although insulated glass windows are not a cheap thing to afford, this should be considered as a good investment, since it will lead to reduction of energy consumption. The main advantage of such window systems is their increased thermal insulation qualities. Double-glazed windows save heat as much as possible in winter, and keep the house cool in summer and do not let warm air inside. The daylight goes through the window, but the heat stays outside. As already noted, this very important characteristic of insulated windows allows you to reduce the cost of paying electricity bills all the year round.

Sound isolation abilities

Our desire to live in silence is not an extraordinary thing. Loud noises can cause irritation, fatigue, sleepless nights and, consequently, poor working capacity. Necessary to mention that modern double-pane windows allow the noise to get inside, and it is good, since comfortable “silence” is measurable value of 25dB. We will face discomfort, if the noise level drops below this index. Sound proofing ability depends on quantity of air chambers between the glass panes, the distance between the pieces of glass, quality of sealants and fittings, and on quality of installation works (even the most expensive windows won’t guarantee their features if installation was not done correctly).


Have good anti-burglar security

A window with two glass panes is already a better protection compering to a single glass unit. However, you can always advance protection characteristic by implementing impact-resistant glass – this is a type of the glazing with increased strength ability. It is manufactured using different technologies – from tempered options to the application of a special film. The benefits are obvious: invisible – therefore convenient, economy of space, etc.

Wide range of choices availability

Insulated glass panes are available at different variances, starting from the range in color and proceeding with quality fittings availability. These are the windows that can satisfy the very demanding customer in questions of appearance and different protective characteristics.

Can be additionally covered with low-emittance and other coatings

Windows are the coolest places in the building, and glazing units are their major parts. Low-emission glass can be used in combination with ordinary pieces of glass for the sake of energy saving ability. This is a type of material with the special coating made of various non-ferrous metals oxides. It helps to protect the window from any damage and reduces the emissivity of the glass. Double-pane windows in combination with low-e glass reflect solar radiation and reduce heat loss, increase the room temperature in winter and reduce it in summer.

Insulated glass units have their standard features, which can be additionally advanced upon the request. Remember to order all reasonable benefits you want to enjoy when ordering glazing constructions and entrust the installation and insulated window repair works to Apex Window Werks technicians. Our team of experienced professionals will ensure that you get maximum from bought units through skillful installation works. Living is abundant in sounds, and if much, they turn to be uncomfortable and unhealthy. An insulated glass unit will distant you and your family from this problem, by creating a favorable micro climate for good sleep, focused work and a pleasant rest.

Take care and enjoy the benefits the insulated glass can give through Apex Window Werks repair and installation services. Calling our company is a guarantee to receive the best skillful service at affordable price.

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