Aircon Installation – Best Aircon Brands in Singapore

Singapore experiences hot and humid climate throughout the year. Because of this, most homes and commercial buildings are equipped with air conditioners to provide the much needed cool air to make staying indoors more comfortable. Numerous air conditioner companies have taken advantage of the increasing demand for aircon in Singapore to provide a wide range of aircon models to customers.

If you’re planning to invest in a new aircon system, it’s advisable to choose models from the best aircon brands in the industry. Also, remember that the way an aircon is installed directly impacts its performance. Poor installation by an unskilled person always leads to poor performance. Therefore, it’s best to hire a professional company with vast knowledge and experience in aircon systems to install your new unit. We’ve compiled the best aircon brands in Singapore below to make your shopping experience easier, so read on.


Daikin is an award-winning brand that has been operating in Singapore since 1968. It has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing air conditioners, and therefore, it’s among the top most trusted aircon manufacturers in Singapore. Their air conditioners are made from high-quality materials which make them very durable and reliable.

Daikin aircons are also made with advanced technology to make them more efficient in cooling your home or office. For instance, they’re equipped with intelligent sensors that enable them to detect pressure changes precisely and control room temperature accordingly. They’re also very easy to install and maintain.

Daikin manufactures a wide range of aircons for both residential and commercial use. For example, it has different eco-friendly models to cater to the needs of customers who are conscious of the effects of climate change and want to save the environment. They also have energy-efficient air conditioners, which are very popular with home and business owners who want to save energy and money. Even if have a low budget, you can still get a good quality Daikin aircon that will suit your needs.

Air conditioners from Daikin’s Split Type Inverter Series are in high demanded in Singapore. This is partly because of their simple and stylish designs that match well with the interior decor of any room. Some of the features of this series include the Econo mode, which when activated, helps the unit to operate more efficiently. They also have a motion detection sensor that helps to lower your energy consumption by sending airflow to your room only when they detect movement of people. When no movement is detected, these aircons switch to their energy-saving mode automatically.

Another series worth considering is the Daikin’s Smile Multi-Split Series, which also have a lovely compact and stylish design. However, aircons from this series are popular because of their strong cooling capacity and quiet performance i.e. their sound level when operating is only 19dB. They are also equipped with a smartphone control feature that enables users to control their AC systems from anywhere using their smartphones.


This is another great brand that has been in existence since 1955. Panasonic aircons are widely used in Singapore because of their reasonable price, amazing features, energy efficiency, user-friendliness and affordability. Panasonic aircons are equipped with a smart monitoring system that helps you to save energy by precisely checking the room temperature, compressor speeds and air output and adjusting cooling power accordingly. Other interesting features you’ll get in aircons from this brand include 24-hour operation, R410 refrigerant system, Blue Fin technology, anti-bacterial filters as well as washable air filters.

Panasonic aircon is popularly known for its ductless aircon range which can be found in many homes and offices across Singapore. If you’re interested in their ductless aircons, you have a wide range to choose from including wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted and concealed duct units.

Customers also love Panasonic’s INVERTER Single Split Series, which are equipped with the Nanoe technology. This technology removes up to 99% of harmful particles in your indoor air thereby ensuring that you breathe only clean and fresh air. Another popular series is their INVERTER Multi Split XS Series, which share many similar features with the INVERTER Single Split XS Series. However, they’re able to provide more space savings to home and office owners because they only have one compressor that’s used for operating multiple indoor fan coil units.

Mitsubishi is another Japanese brand that is widely known for home appliances. It’s therefore not surprising that it’s among the leading aircon manufacturers in Singapore. Customers love their products for many reasons. First, Mitsubishi aircons have a very long warranty. They offer 10 years warranty on their units – something that makes them stand out from their competitors. With this warranty, you’re assured of 10 years worth of free repairs on your aircon unit, which saves lots of money in the long run.
Aircons from Mitsubishi’s Electric Inverter Single Split Series are equipped with the Electric Advanced Inverter Technology, which makes them very energy efficient. Because of this technology, they’re able to cool your home or office very quickly and efficiently using less energy. Considering the hot weather in Singapore, having an energy-efficient aircon can go along way in lowering your energy bills and helping you save money.

Another series that many customers love is the Mitsubishi Starmex Series. Aircons from this series are known to operate very quietly. Since noise can affect the quality of your sleep, having a silent aircon in your bedroom is important for a good night rest. Mitsubishi aircons also have air purifying features like the Plasma Duo and Catechin Plus air filters to ensure that you enjoy a clean and fresh indoor air. Lastly, these aircons are very long-lasting too, thanks to the high-quality materials they’re made of.

There are several, different types of Mitsubishi aircons to choose from in case you’re looking for a unit for your home or office. So, take your time to compare the features and prices of different models in the market before making your decision.

Final Thoughts

Overall, there are many brands to choose from when shopping for a new aircon. However, the best and most popular brands in Singapore are Daikin, Panasonic and Mitsubishi. Whichever unit you decide to install in your home or office at the end of the day should depend on your needs and budget.

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