6 House Cleaning Tips You Can Use in Singapore

No one wants a dirty home, but it is impossible to always clean it before you leave for work. Most of the time, you are too tired to even lift a finger when you come home. How can you keep your house clean? How do you start?

Tip #1: Schedule Your Cleaning Spree

Giving out all kinds of excuses for not being able to perform proper house cleaning in Singapore can only worsen the already unacceptable condition of your home. You indeed lack the time to clean when you need to go to work, but you have days when you don’t go to the office. You need to schedule your cleaning spree and dedicate every minute in cleaning your entire house. You may also need to draft a spring cleaning plan to make sure that you never miss a spot.
Schedule Your Cleaning Spree

Once you have cleaned everything, it would be easier for you to maintain the cleanliness of your home. You need to make it a habit to put everything back to its proper place after you use it.

Tip #2: Organize the Cleaning Materials and Make Sure that they are Easy to Access

When you do your spring cleaning, you will need different cleaning materials and agents to help you accomplish your goal. Designate a place or storeroom for your broom, duster, brush, sponge, vacuum cleaner, house cleaning agents, and other cleaning paraphernalia. Make sure that you can access it easily and all the things that you need for cleaning are in that storeroom. It is also important to keep everything out of children’s reach.

Secure the storeroom properly and make sure that everyone in the household knows where to get the cleaning materials in case they need it. They should also act with caution, especially if there are children around the house.

Tip #3: Start from the Top Going Down

When you have a Singapore house that you plan to clean thoroughly, it is prudent to start cleaning from the ceiling or high places before you go down to sweep the floor. When you clean the floor first and then start dusting the ceiling and top of a cabinet, the dirt and dust will fall to the already cleaned floor. You need to sweep the floor once more.
Start from the Top Going Down
You can save time when you dust the high places first and let all the dirt fall on the floor before you sweep everything in one go.

Tip #4: Clean the House One Room at a Time

If you keep coming back and forth to different rooms, you will only bring in new dirt to the room. You will never finish cleaning everything in time. When you start cleaning a certain room, make sure to finish it first before moving to the next part of the house. You will also feel more motivated when you see a milestone.

Tip #5: Segregate as You Go

Separate the biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes as you clean your house. You can recycle the non-biodegradable containers and turn them into pots for your plants. For the other recyclable items that you cannot process personally, you may take them to the shops or companies that use such materials to manufacture their products.
Segregate as You Go
It is important to properly get rid of biodegradable wastes to prevent a possible spread of disease within your household in Singapore. Have a separate garbage bin in your backyard where you can keep the trash until the garbage collector arrives. You may also want to consider turning the biodegradable wastes into compost.

Tip #6: Make it a Habit to Collect the Dirty Laundry and Other Things Before You Go Out the Door

Prepare some boxes near your door. Each box should be properly labeled for dirty laundry, recyclable waste, and miscellaneous items. You can collect these things as you go and keep your place neat and tidy. Drop the things that you collected in their proper boxes before you go to work. You can dump and arrange them in their rightful places when you return.

It is quite difficult to do house cleaning when you need to go to work to earn a living. These tips can help you a lot when cleaning your house and have ample time to unwind and relax in your free day.

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