Air Conditioner Buying Guide 2020

Buying the wrong type of air conditioner can bring you crazy bills, but still, we need these devices on our premises. Having the correct information regarding the buying guide of the devices is the best way to avoid ending up with the wrong one. You need to know the type of conditioner you need as well as how to read air conditioner symbols. These are some of the information that will help you make the right choice because you’ll be able to understand the specifications of each air conditioner and compare them with your needs.

Focus on your needs

Air conditioner installers will always ask you where you want to place the AC because it determines the type of AC you should get. For instance, if you want an air conditioner for your window, then window AC is perfect, but when you want one that you can take with you wherever you want, then a portable AC is most ideal. There is also Split AC that has separate parts that are placed inside a room and outside. A pipe usually connects the parts, and they tend to be ideal for bigger rooms. Another type you should know of is inverter AC that is capable of adjusting the compressor to match the amount of work to be done.
Focus on your needs

Learn the technical terms

It would be best if you also learned about air conditioner symbols because it will help you determine the right capacity for your room. Getting an AC with the correct capacity means it will function effectively in the room it will be placed in. Every air conditioner has the capacity, which is also known as tonnage. I ton is equivalent to 12000 BTU per hour, which means that it can cool between 120 to 240 square feet. Once you get used to the symbols, you can calculate the capacity of the air conditioner and measure it to your space to get a device that will satisfy your needs.

Check the energy consumption rate

Having an AC will have an impact on your electricity bills, but it shouldn’t increase the bill too much. You need a device that will consume as little energy as possible but still deliver as expected. Most air conditioners consume power depending on how long they are active. Some will consume little energy when left on for longer, but others will consume more when they remain more for long. Make sure to check this before purchasing. The best type of Ac in terms of energy consumption is the inverter AC. Since it can adjust itself, it will function less during cool days and increase performance when it gets hotter. To find out the energy consumption rate, multiply the wattage by 1 hour then divide by 1000. You’ll get electricity units used every hour.
Check the energy consumption rate

Check other features of the AC

Other aspects of the AC also matter. Different types and brands of air conditioners have different features. Some may have dehumidifiers, antibacterial filters, automatic cleaning ability, and sleep mode. All these are great features that will make the AC more beneficial.Excellent air conditioner installers will advise you on the best additional features to look out for. The installers can also advise you on ways you can save more energy with the device. For instance, you can keep your windows and doors closed and service the AC regularly.

These are some of the information that will help you make the right choice because you’ll be able to understand the specifications of each air conditioner and compare them with your needs.

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