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Add Style to Any Room with these Creative Shutters

Window treatments are as important as furniture, furnishing, wall paint etc. They not only beautify the home décor but also provide a synchronized look to the space. They are important for controlling light and privacy and improving the quality of the airflow. Interior shutters these days are available in many styles, which we will discuss today.

  • Café Style shutters – They are also called half-height interior shutters and deliver excellent privacy and light control. You can also enjoy unobstructed outside view. They are a practical window treatment. You can get them made in different materials from composite shutters to wood or polymer. If you want a stained wood effect you can get it custom made.

They start from the middle of the window and extend until the bottom frame. You can even install them in high moisture areas like kitchen and bathrooms. How they got their name is an interesting fact – they were used in cafes in France to offer privacy to their customers.

  • Tier-on-Tier – They are made of two shutter panels. They are hung in a way that rest one above the other and so their name tier-on-tier.

This allows for opening the top and bottom of the window separately and so you can adjust the light and privacy.

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  • Track Shutters –As the name says, they are fitted on a track at the top and the bottom. This allows for folding the shutters and so used for bi-fold doors and even large windows. You may have seen the track interior shutters as room divider or even a cupboard door. When fully closed they offer complete privacy. If you open the louvers you can enjoy the outside view while maintaining privacy.

These track shutters give a sleek and clean look to the room. They are indeed stylish and very practical window covering for large windows and glass doors.

  • Ovation Shutters – They are another interior shutter that has louvers which can be tilted to allow the right amount of natural light. They are usually made by using furniture grade teak wood and available in many stains.
  • Composite or Norman Shutters – They are made of engineered wood which has vinyl or PVC coating over MDF wood. They mimic the look of real wood shutters but are very less expensive and are moisture and humidity resistant.

Plantation shutters have always been the most popular and stylish of all the shutters available in the market today. However, homeowners today look for more creative and cost effective window treatment that add style and comfort while being affordable also.

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