Say Goodbye to Outdated Window Treatment

Spring cleaning is over and you have sparkling new windows. But what now? What look are you looking to achieve? Replacing furniture or adding newer ones or repainting the walls are always on the top of the mind but when was the last time you gave a thought that what modern window treatment can add to your décor.

If not before, after reading this article you’ll surely consider updating your existing window treatment and matching with the latest trends in window treatment.

What’s in

What’s in

  • Color Block Curtains – when you are consider floor length curtains, you can pick the color block curtains. The concept is like this; one block color for most part with the base of the curtain in different color. You can find many options in color block curtains in stores or online. If not, order for custom made curtains.
  • Roller Blinds – roller blinds are the most versatile of all window treatments. And when you have abstract and subtle floral prints for your roller blinds, you are following the latest trend in window treatment.
  • Sheer Drapes – pale colors in Sheer shades will help you achieve that soft and elegance look in your room while also maintaining light and privacy control. Choose from colors like ivory, vanilla, or off white as they will add warmth to the room.
  • Art Screens – reward your artistic skills in a big way with art screen serving as your window treatment and also giving your space your very own personal touch. When you have large windows probably large than the wall space, you can think of installing art screens. If that sounds too much, you can install art screen on the central window and complementing window treatment on the rest.
  • Plantation Shutters – They have never been out of fashion and will never be. They’re a classic window treatment perfect for any décor. You can get them in different materials – real wood, faux wood, aluminum, or vinyl shutters. Another type of shutter that is growing in popularity is the Alucore Polyshutter – there are extremely sturdy and offer insulating factors up to R-value 6.0. They have reinforced aluminum inserts for added strength and longevity.

What’s Out

What’s Out

Bare windows!

Don’t get us wrong! But windows without any treatment look so unfinished. While no blinds, or shades means no installation or maintenance, they are definitely not exciting! Also, not having any kind of window treatment can result in over heated rooms, or faded furnishings and no privacy at any time of the day.

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